20 May 2012

Le Engagement Affair

I went to a friend's engagement for the first time ever! (I know, admitting this at ye olde age of five and twenties shows my lack of a social life.)

Aisyah was a senior back at my workplace. Well technically she's younger than me, its just that she joined earlier and hence became my senior......fuckthisshitisnotimportant so ANYHOOO she invited us over to her engagement over the weekend.

Just thought I'd share some pics and my experiences as it is was such a gorgeously decorated engagement!

There was a baby bash ongoing at the same time, hence the cradle swing. 

First time feeling/looking at real Hydrangeas. Apparently they are used at Malay weddings a lot recently. 

Le engagement jellied-cake

Getting all dolled up for the engagement ceremony (which I ended up not attending T^T) 

Later they replaced the cradle with a sofa seat hence we went up to take pictures

A last picture of the very gorgeous setting