20 August 2010

At a crossroad, can't it just say "Go this way?

I think everyone comes to this mind splitting affair at some point of their lives. Well, at least almost everyone does. It would be the reason I've been blogging very little as of late coz I'm going through a mini-mid life crisis.

I've a degree in LLB (i.e Law) and I've gotten pretty decent results. I've slaved through 3 years of law school, and a year studying for the CLP (sort of a Legal License). That makes it a total of four years.

Now the obvious thing would be to work for a good law firm, get promoted, open my own firm or become a partner, earn lots of money, swim in it and smoke imported Caribbean cigars. Even though I''m not a smoker I bloody well am still going to buy scented cigars just for the heck of it.

This would ultimately be the most ideal, golden paved road with no second guesses.

The problem is, I've never really even liked law that much.

The second problem is I have no idea what I ultimately truly desire.

The third problem is I'm expected by family pressure to start working next month which is coming up in....10 days. Fuck my life.

I guess what I really want to do now is tryout for jobs I've always been curious about. Like being in the media , and mostly I'm aiming at trying to be a host or a presenter. Unfortunately without the proper degree and experience as I have no Em Cee experience of any sort, I've been met with totally NO response from all my applications. Its a depressing thought making me second guess myself. Maybe I'm not as awesome as I thought I was (ahem).

It makes me wonder how long will I hold on to being jobless? Ok, granted its only been a month but you've heard stories of people being jobless for as long as 6 months just trying to look for their ideal job which is pretty scary. Even my own brother took 4 long months before he finally landed a job @___@ (granted though the bugger was a lazy for 2 months) .

Isn't life difficult? Why couldn't I have been born forever lucky so that all I need to do everyday is buy ToTo, and win 4Ds'. Then at least the money part is solved and I need not feel so pressured and rushed to do something.

Sigh. I could really use some divine intervention right about... now.


  1. honey, i totally feel ur pain. however, if u r really interested, i would suggest u join miss world malaysia! i think it's a good platform to fame!

  2. Poor you. I always remembered you telling me that you're interested in media, I think it was design or something along that line. When you told me that you're going to do law, I was surprised.

    Anyhuuuw, why not try posting some videos on YouTube, who knows you might get lucky.

    I do feel for you though. I'd hate to do something that I have no passion for. Good luck.

  3. You should give more to your church; divine intervention ensues.

    You could always write a novel, then slowly claw your ways into media biz. Trying out for talent shows can help, too (eg:William Hung hahahahahaha).

    Kimchi anyone?

  4. Awww babe, itzokay. When you come back you can try applying to Astro? I know some friends there la..but dunno whether there's an opening or not.
    But no harm trying! can be a model for an Ad Agency? :D

  5. miss ave T & Pat: Thanks girls, I guess I just really want to try something different very desperately when I'm still young! its the best time for making mistakes HAHAHAHAH.

    Anonymous: Me write a novel? pfft, I'll probably start on page one n that's my debut novel. I''ll never have an ending. ahhahahaha!!

    DebbeH: aw, chicka, just can't wait to get back and see u guys!

  6. I remember, you've always wanted to be a graphic designer :) and your mom was totally worried about that. lol.

    i'm sure you can get into Media.

    i have two friends who did LLB and one signed up for a 30 year contract with HSBC as their Global Manager and she basically gets to work at a different city every 2 years. So far, she was posted to Manila, Abu Dhabi and now Hong Kong.

    another friend of mine is working as a tax compliance officer in abu dhabi which is a luxury job - high paid with not much work since there is NO tax in Abu Dhabi! ironic, isn't it. ok, to be fair, he works for the government investment authority as Abu Dhabi constantly invest internationally at countries which have tax.

    see this leaflet:

  7. i couldn't agree with you more.
    I felt the same as well.. studying something but passion is for something else.. sigh!
    big dillemmmmaaaaaaa...

    meh! meh..!

  8. 888: yeah wei, thanks loads for the PDF file! hearing ur fren venturing into a different career is actually pretty inspiring :) I'm pretty glad ppl are supportive of me venturing into smething totally different XD

    Sick of hearing ppl say i'm wasting my background.

    anonymous: YES IT IS. Its hard to find passion. Your best bet is to start for something u're relatively interested in, and see whether u get any response from it. Either way what u've studied will always be a back up plan.