29 April 2012

Mascara brushes/wands

Have you ever wondered why there are so many mascara wands, even within the same brand? The beautydepartment has put each brush to the test! Check out this helpful image tutorial :

From now on I'm going to keep me eyes out for that longer, fuller effect as seen in brush no.3.

22 April 2012

Cheeserland's Rainbow Lenses

You've probably heard of contact lenses if you're a cheeserland follower. I've started switching to using them recently as I read that these were a lot safer to use, holding higher water content, GEO certified, etc etc. 

I'd be honest here, i'm pretty much sick of buying those dodgy lenses albeit them being AMAZING looking. I used to be pretty addicted to them coz they made my eyes look so much bigger and they come in so many different styles. The price is super affordable as well, even right now, they are selling them at rm10 each online, lasting for as long as 1 year! 

However after constant use, my eyes are pretty much feeling the after effects of those damn lenses, i.e dry, tired eyes. I pretty much had to throw them away after EACH use. In the end, I just ended up spending a lot more despite the cheap prices. 

Hence here's where my review starts. I talked a bit about them in my previous post but i must admit i'm not too happy with my earth brown colour which is apparently the best seller. I bought skyblue colour as well since the brand is pretty comfortable and I must say that this time i'm in love with the colour. Its so preeeeettttyyy!!!! 

How it looks like from the official website. 

How the colour looks like in real life: 

                                                                           (true colour)

Lasting for as long as 3 months per pair, I'd say this is a pretty good price at RM58.00/pair (if you want to be super chinese, that's about RM20 per month which is still a pretty darn good price.) 

If you'd like to see a sample of the other colours, head on to this other blog , everyday-outfits, to see earth brown and wood ash colour :) 

My makeup for today is all from Maybeline, except for my brown liner which is from "Essence".

Maybeline colour pallette
Maybeline liquid eye-liner
Essence brown liner
Cotton Bud
Fakelashes: DAISO

I used the cottonbud on "A" to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, and "B" for the outer ends to give it a more 'dark' look. 

Hope this is somewhat helpful for you. Have a great day!

2 April 2012

In a doll's house

This was actually a DIY doll house kit that I made quite a few months ago heheh. I got it at the Toy Department. Took me about a week to finish it (it was during the period I was jobless) Photobucket

My work is a little rough around the edges but from far away it looks pretty good I swear :D


After I took a photo of this miniature chair, I realized I had almost the exact same one in my bedroom! What
a coincidence!!


 Some other random stuff around my room: Photobucket My little pony toys from McDonald's. I only managed to get 3 of them :(


The transsexual chicken my friend bought for me from Japan. Weird but in a way, but in terms of being eccentric its very me (not that I'm a transsexual mind you!)

 I've cut my hair recently as well, I'm now sporting 'bangs' and a darker haircolour. I don't like it though, and its true like what everyone says, once you've dyed a lighter hair colour, you really don't feel like going back to black.I now feel like an extremely boring person and like the 'other girl with black hair' amongst asians. Bah!! Photobucket

Using Topshop's Crayon Pencil in dark brown for this look


I've bought the contact lenses from this online store called : It got a really lovely natural brown. Comfort wise its pretty okay as well, but its hard to beat that of normal clear lenses. Overall though I'd say its still a pretty good buy :)

Got a chuck-load of new blogpost coming soon as I've started to pick up blogging and photologging? again.