12 December 2012

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Nuxe : facial & body cleansing gel

I was introduced to Nuxe by one of the Sasa sales assistant in Hong Kong (I know, months later I'm still blogging about Hong Kong goes to show the amount of face & makeup stuff I bought). Nuxe comes from France, a company that claims to use plant extracts in its most original form. You can check out the website

According to the sales assistant, she claims the likes of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp uses this brand as well (???) . Not sure how true the rumours are, but I decided to give it a shot anyways as she claims its their best selling brand of the month.

A 400ml bottle cost about RM80 (HKD200) , its a pretty good price if you use it merely as a facial wash, coz I noted that the bottle says it can be used as a body wash as well though that's an absolute waste of good moolah!!

First thing I noticed about the product is the strong & lovely scent of honey!!!! I like how the scent actually stays on even after you've washed your face, which is great coz I always find it such a shame to have a good scent vanish almost immediately. Those of you who are wary though of perfume in products might want to stay clear of this because 'perfume' is clearly listed as an ingredient in Nuxe facial & body wash.

Nuxe is pretty gentle on the skin, and its gel like consistency makes it easy to spread across the face. It doesn't give out a soapy lather like some facial products do, hence I think its absolutely perfect for those with dry skin.

I'll definitely recommend this product for the ladies as a must buy if you're looking for something gentle on the skin, and that can probably last you a good strong year. The only problem I have with it is that there's be no buying for new facial products for quite a while!

3 December 2012

Sasa : Color Combos: Girl (Lipstick)

Bought Color Combos Lipstick at Sasa Hong Kong. (Colour 06) 

Currently right now this is my favourite lipstick after TonyMoly's lipglosses. I love the vibrant colour & the moisturizing effect, but I can't say this lipstick lasts long though as it tends to wear out pretty fast and there's a need for constant re-application. I think buying some lip-liner would definitely help but I'm a bit broke at the moment to buy anymore make-up T^T 

Some pictures of me cam-whoring with it: 

Wait there's more!!

It's not me wearing the Sasa lipstick but I just wanted to show off my temporary curls.

Can you believe it, my eye-liner is actually fake? It's all thanks to the Photowonder App on the Iphone (go google it its freakin awesome stuff) My eyeliner is a result of paste and rotate. The stuff's amazing!

8 November 2012


Did a cat-eared hair recently!

My first attempt hence it looks a tad bit weird. Still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. Got the tutorial from this link, check her out!

3 November 2012

Contest submission

Fingers crossed!!

Hope I'll win with this outfit :)

30 October 2012

Italian in the Kitchen

It's been a while since I've actually had someone else cook for me without paying them.

An awesome friend of mine had just come back from her Europe back-packing trip and she very kindly invited me over for her homecooked italian lunch!

Had the usual lightly toasted bread & olive oil for starters 

We then proceeded to Sauvignon blanc & Abergine pasta (coz she knows how much I love the stuff) . The white wine was from Africa from her sister. Apparently the giraffes made it ahem.

My lil' chef! 

Then we had homemade Affagato for dessert. That's a mini Affagato-maker by the way, a pretty simplistic design but makes pretty good expresso.

In goes the vanilla ice-cream

I brought over some brownies I bought in Hong Kong called 'Market O' 

Was a tad bit too sweet for my liking but not bad for instant brownies I guess. They were surprisingly soft!

24 October 2012

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar review

I love Hong Kong!! I just came back a few days ago and already I miss the food which is absolutely to die for. Not to mention the SaSa stores, its just jammed packed full with makeup goodies at lower prices compared to the ones back home :) 

My Rilakkuma haul. I know its not much but I spent the rest of my money on makeup and perfume T^T . Will blog more about my HK hauls in another post <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Going back to TonyMoly, I fell in love with the product when I saw it in SaSa. These bunny lipgloss sticks are just too adorable to pass, and comes in a range of 9 different colours (the yellow one though only has a very very slight pink tinge). 

These pretty bunnies are selling at HKD62 per stick (RM24.80)

TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar is essentially a lipstick/lipgloss made in Korea. It claims to be very moisturizing on the lips containing herbal ingredients and at the same time, provides a strong vibrant colour.

I bought Juicy Apple (03) and Orange (08). 

(OMGOMG its like the cutest packaging ever) 

The thing I first liked about this product was how easy it was to use. It rolls up smoothly from the bottom, is light weight and easy to carry around. I would actually consider this more of a lipgloss as opposed to a lipstick because the colours aren't very strong, but depending on the flavours you pick, it gives off a really love scent and a nice taste to it (personally I'm addicted to the orange one). 


I have shit make up today (just one of those disgusting days where no matter how hard you try your make up just goes awry) so I had to use an old picture from my phone which is rather grainy. Anyways, I have on juicy apple in this picture. You may need to layer on at least 2 to 3 times before you can get this  colour.

The colour comes off easily after eating, but if you don't use it throughout meals, it actually can stay on for a pretty long time (for me, it lasted 5 to 6 hours before I ate anything). 

I would definitely recommend TonyMoly lipglosses as a must buy! 

26 September 2012

DHC Moisture Fruit Cream

DHC is a brand from Japan with 30 years of history in the skincare industry. Their products claim that they do not use any coloring agents or irritating fragrances. I've been reading good stuff about their skincare products online but I've never gotten around to trying them out till recently.

I bought DHC Moisture Fruit Cream a few months back; I was completely sold by the gorgeous packaging. It does not come cheap though, setting me back about RM40 (it was on sale at the time, I think its RM55 now) for a very very tiny tub 35grams of moisturizer!

When I first opened the product, it has a lovely light fruity smell, unlike some creams that do carry a rather heavy chemical scent about it. The gel cream quickly absorbs into my skin and my skin does feel lovely and very moisturized after that. I have combination skin but I did not have any problems with my combination zone even though the product was very moisturizing. I really couldn't have asked for more in terms of quality! I had a horrible dry patch on a small portion on my face which I couldn't get rid of for a week. After only using the gel cream for two days, my problem was solved.

Overall, this is a great buy, I just wish that it came in a larger portion with better pricing. I definitely would re-purchase this lil' darling again, but only if it goes on discount again.

18 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me free tickets to Legoland

Imagination's the limit! - LegoStory

Who can forget receiving their first Lego Set as a wee kid, wondering with awe, amazement (and a lot of confusion) at the multitude of coloured bricks? 

And when you finally realize they are not edible, and your parents very kindly start re-directing your attention to the picture on the Lego box, ideas start unfolding in your head, and you then realize, my God!! I can actually create skyscrapers!! spaceships!! boats!! trains!! army tanks!! robots even!!

Lego has a soft spot in every person’s life. For me, it a remembrance of times spent with my brothers and parents, from building empires to pretending to being Godzilla ravaging a city (in other words dismantling our LegoEmpire). My dad occasionally would meddle in, and teach us how to create a house, a car, and all sorts of things from different sized bricks. Admittedly ten years later looking back, my brothers and I realized none of us would have made good architects, but it was the thrill of creation that still excited us.

My favourite thing about Lego is still the fact that ‘imagination’s the limit!’ Every year Lego never fails to bring out a gasp of amazement from our lips, but I believe it is truly impossible to limit their creative feats into a simple post. Lego especially is reknown for going all out at their theme parks giving an alternate reality of how the world would look like if it was made out of a zillion coloured bricks!! 

Legoland California

Star Wars Collection

Lego created as a memomento of Barack Obama's inauguration 

Legoland Billund

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Deutschland 

Legoland Florida

Legoland's tribute to 9/11. 

It really is amazing how much effort and creativity can be done with Lego which always seems to push at the impossible. It's so easy to lose track of the amount of hours and planning that actually went into each and every Lego design just by merely looking at it. 

Therefore, the reason why I would want the opportunity to visit our very own homegrown Legoland Malaysia would be to witness for myself what can Legoland do with our country's landmarks and events all converted into an intricate mini-sized Lego world of Malaysia. It would be such a fun thing to see how creative the designers can be, possibly a Lego Malaysian Prime Minister might even be a viable option someday? :D 

1 July 2012

Hello Kitty x Sophie Monk

I've really got to give credit to the brand Sophie Monk for coming up with utterly cute product packaging what with collaborations with ''Little Twin Stars" and "Hello Kitty''.

As a present last year, a close friend got me Sophie Monk's Hello Kitty facial mask to try out. 

Needless to say I was excited but I couldn't bear to tear the packaging for the longest time ever! 



Instructions at the back teaching you how to use the facial mask. I think its pretty obvious and that there's little need for translation.

My review on this mask : 
DESPITE the crazily cute packaging, I was disappointed. I have rather sensitive skin towards products which contains too much alcohol. Not only was this mask dripping wet with chemicals, as soon as I let it 'sit' on my face for less than a minute, a burning sensation was spreadingly rapidly across my face. I took it off almost immediately and went to check myself in the mirror to realize that my skin had turned all red!!

So BLEH for me, never ever going to try this product again and I'd advice you to do the same if you've got sensitive skin.

Apparently everyday-outfits did a review on this product here too. I don't think she suffered my skin's adverse reaction but she wasn't overtly satisfied with the product either. :( which is a shame really, if it was really good, I'd definitely have continued re-purchasing this product as the packaging is adorable.

It doesn't mean that I've abandoned Hello Kitty all together, I recently bought a Hello Kitty mouse.

Photobucket Photobucket
How it looks like when in operation. 

Better luck next time with Hello Kitty stuff hopefully!

20 May 2012

Le Engagement Affair

I went to a friend's engagement for the first time ever! (I know, admitting this at ye olde age of five and twenties shows my lack of a social life.)

Aisyah was a senior back at my workplace. Well technically she's younger than me, its just that she joined earlier and hence became my senior......fuckthisshitisnotimportant so ANYHOOO she invited us over to her engagement over the weekend.

Just thought I'd share some pics and my experiences as it is was such a gorgeously decorated engagement!

There was a baby bash ongoing at the same time, hence the cradle swing. 

First time feeling/looking at real Hydrangeas. Apparently they are used at Malay weddings a lot recently. 

Le engagement jellied-cake

Getting all dolled up for the engagement ceremony (which I ended up not attending T^T) 

Later they replaced the cradle with a sofa seat hence we went up to take pictures

A last picture of the very gorgeous setting 

29 April 2012

Mascara brushes/wands

Have you ever wondered why there are so many mascara wands, even within the same brand? The beautydepartment has put each brush to the test! Check out this helpful image tutorial :

From now on I'm going to keep me eyes out for that longer, fuller effect as seen in brush no.3.

22 April 2012

Cheeserland's Rainbow Lenses

You've probably heard of contact lenses if you're a cheeserland follower. I've started switching to using them recently as I read that these were a lot safer to use, holding higher water content, GEO certified, etc etc. 

I'd be honest here, i'm pretty much sick of buying those dodgy lenses albeit them being AMAZING looking. I used to be pretty addicted to them coz they made my eyes look so much bigger and they come in so many different styles. The price is super affordable as well, even right now, they are selling them at rm10 each online, lasting for as long as 1 year! 

However after constant use, my eyes are pretty much feeling the after effects of those damn lenses, i.e dry, tired eyes. I pretty much had to throw them away after EACH use. In the end, I just ended up spending a lot more despite the cheap prices. 

Hence here's where my review starts. I talked a bit about them in my previous post but i must admit i'm not too happy with my earth brown colour which is apparently the best seller. I bought skyblue colour as well since the brand is pretty comfortable and I must say that this time i'm in love with the colour. Its so preeeeettttyyy!!!! 

How it looks like from the official website. 

How the colour looks like in real life: 

                                                                           (true colour)

Lasting for as long as 3 months per pair, I'd say this is a pretty good price at RM58.00/pair (if you want to be super chinese, that's about RM20 per month which is still a pretty darn good price.) 

If you'd like to see a sample of the other colours, head on to this other blog , everyday-outfits, to see earth brown and wood ash colour :) 

My makeup for today is all from Maybeline, except for my brown liner which is from "Essence".

Maybeline colour pallette
Maybeline liquid eye-liner
Essence brown liner
Cotton Bud
Fakelashes: DAISO

I used the cottonbud on "A" to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, and "B" for the outer ends to give it a more 'dark' look. 

Hope this is somewhat helpful for you. Have a great day!