26 September 2012

DHC Moisture Fruit Cream

DHC is a brand from Japan with 30 years of history in the skincare industry. Their products claim that they do not use any coloring agents or irritating fragrances. I've been reading good stuff about their skincare products online but I've never gotten around to trying them out till recently.

I bought DHC Moisture Fruit Cream a few months back; I was completely sold by the gorgeous packaging. It does not come cheap though, setting me back about RM40 (it was on sale at the time, I think its RM55 now) for a very very tiny tub 35grams of moisturizer!

When I first opened the product, it has a lovely light fruity smell, unlike some creams that do carry a rather heavy chemical scent about it. The gel cream quickly absorbs into my skin and my skin does feel lovely and very moisturized after that. I have combination skin but I did not have any problems with my combination zone even though the product was very moisturizing. I really couldn't have asked for more in terms of quality! I had a horrible dry patch on a small portion on my face which I couldn't get rid of for a week. After only using the gel cream for two days, my problem was solved.

Overall, this is a great buy, I just wish that it came in a larger portion with better pricing. I definitely would re-purchase this lil' darling again, but only if it goes on discount again.


  1. Thank you for the comment<3
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  2. I have never tried DHC skincare products before but this moisturiser sounds amazing. The packaging is so cute as well.


  3. i love DHC cleansing oil~ amazing product. thanks for sharing!

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