18 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me free tickets to Legoland

Imagination's the limit! - LegoStory

Who can forget receiving their first Lego Set as a wee kid, wondering with awe, amazement (and a lot of confusion) at the multitude of coloured bricks? 

And when you finally realize they are not edible, and your parents very kindly start re-directing your attention to the picture on the Lego box, ideas start unfolding in your head, and you then realize, my God!! I can actually create skyscrapers!! spaceships!! boats!! trains!! army tanks!! robots even!!

Lego has a soft spot in every person’s life. For me, it a remembrance of times spent with my brothers and parents, from building empires to pretending to being Godzilla ravaging a city (in other words dismantling our LegoEmpire). My dad occasionally would meddle in, and teach us how to create a house, a car, and all sorts of things from different sized bricks. Admittedly ten years later looking back, my brothers and I realized none of us would have made good architects, but it was the thrill of creation that still excited us.

My favourite thing about Lego is still the fact that ‘imagination’s the limit!’ Every year Lego never fails to bring out a gasp of amazement from our lips, but I believe it is truly impossible to limit their creative feats into a simple post. Lego especially is reknown for going all out at their theme parks giving an alternate reality of how the world would look like if it was made out of a zillion coloured bricks!! 

Legoland California

Star Wars Collection

Lego created as a memomento of Barack Obama's inauguration 

Legoland Billund

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Deutschland 

Legoland Florida

Legoland's tribute to 9/11. 

It really is amazing how much effort and creativity can be done with Lego which always seems to push at the impossible. It's so easy to lose track of the amount of hours and planning that actually went into each and every Lego design just by merely looking at it. 

Therefore, the reason why I would want the opportunity to visit our very own homegrown Legoland Malaysia would be to witness for myself what can Legoland do with our country's landmarks and events all converted into an intricate mini-sized Lego world of Malaysia. It would be such a fun thing to see how creative the designers can be, possibly a Lego Malaysian Prime Minister might even be a viable option someday? :D 

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