23 August 2010

Blinging your lashes

Saw this from a random blog I stumbled upon but I forgot her link! But I loved the idea she used so I've implemented it as well.

You will realized that I will be using a lot of bombastic words because applying for a job resume makes me write in perfect english and always opting to use the more complicated and impressive synonym to a word. Yes, I do cheat using word document''s right click of "'synonym"" but that is besides the point of this blog.

I digress, so here's your everyday normal lashes:


Again, I bought this from TheVanityHall from my last purchase with the Usamimi. I think it was rm3 if I'm not mistaken.

Just get a bottle of nail polish with stardust,


And Voila!


Easy peesey! Don't worry too much about the ''gum'' looking bits, once you actually put them on their not that obvious :D

20 August 2010

At a crossroad, can't it just say "Go this way?

I think everyone comes to this mind splitting affair at some point of their lives. Well, at least almost everyone does. It would be the reason I've been blogging very little as of late coz I'm going through a mini-mid life crisis.

I've a degree in LLB (i.e Law) and I've gotten pretty decent results. I've slaved through 3 years of law school, and a year studying for the CLP (sort of a Legal License). That makes it a total of four years.

Now the obvious thing would be to work for a good law firm, get promoted, open my own firm or become a partner, earn lots of money, swim in it and smoke imported Caribbean cigars. Even though I''m not a smoker I bloody well am still going to buy scented cigars just for the heck of it.

This would ultimately be the most ideal, golden paved road with no second guesses.

The problem is, I've never really even liked law that much.

The second problem is I have no idea what I ultimately truly desire.

The third problem is I'm expected by family pressure to start working next month which is coming up in....10 days. Fuck my life.

I guess what I really want to do now is tryout for jobs I've always been curious about. Like being in the media , and mostly I'm aiming at trying to be a host or a presenter. Unfortunately without the proper degree and experience as I have no Em Cee experience of any sort, I've been met with totally NO response from all my applications. Its a depressing thought making me second guess myself. Maybe I'm not as awesome as I thought I was (ahem).

It makes me wonder how long will I hold on to being jobless? Ok, granted its only been a month but you've heard stories of people being jobless for as long as 6 months just trying to look for their ideal job which is pretty scary. Even my own brother took 4 long months before he finally landed a job @___@ (granted though the bugger was a lazy for 2 months) .

Isn't life difficult? Why couldn't I have been born forever lucky so that all I need to do everyday is buy ToTo, and win 4Ds'. Then at least the money part is solved and I need not feel so pressured and rushed to do something.

Sigh. I could really use some divine intervention right about... now.

13 August 2010

The Male Anatomy to the Woman

I think I speak for a lot of women out there, when we feel the time and age has come for males to 'buck up' in the whole 'self-image' idealogy.

Its usually the woman you see slaving themselves to be beautiful, investing loads of money on make up, staying on the right diet to keep fit, and dressing nicely.

Sadly, I have to say (at least in Malaysia me thinks) , not a lot of men bother to be metrosexual or take pride in their looks. I have a lot of guy friends, or guy friends of friends, who don't really care about their outlooks. The most they do is bother with their bloody hair. But they don't mind dressing up like they bought their clothes from the discount stock pile in PADINI.

Its not to say I think they are not great people, in fact, I think most of my guy friends are practically a pretty awesome bunch. Its just sometimes when I see them I wish I could give them a full makeover and tweeze their eyebrows just a wee bit to get rid of that glaring unibrow.

But I'll get straight to the point, the part I am most unhappy with about most malaysian men is "THE BODY".

I admit, what attracts me first to the guy is not so much the look, but whether he has a good body. I'd see whether he has wide shoulders? check. Biceps? ooo, nice ones! CHECK! For the next requirement, I can't exactly check out guy I just met by lifting up his shirt to check his abs, but knowing he has them would be a big SURPLUS XD

Let me kindly and happily illustrate to you the importance of working out your 'body':

Sexual turn on.


Not a sexual turn on.

Now see wasn't that straight forward and easy?

(the two lines here are what I love most aheeem *shy*)

All right I'll be honest with you this is just a post is also another reason for me to gleefully drool over awesome male anatomies. So you girls (and maybe a few men) can enjoy. Its hard work compiling this list yo!


Ryan Reynolds

ITs so good, I must repeat his photo twice.

David Beckham

Hugh Jackman (he used to be my favourite body, until I saw this picture of him. Now i'm totally turned off coz he's rather pasty looking isn't he?)


Zac Effron


Last but not least, at least one good set of female abs comes from Keira Knightly


Though I don't know where the hell her breast went to.

Nang here XD

9 August 2010

Love of Denim ♥

Yay! Its been a while since I last posted up clothes & stuff and I've admittedly been neglecting my blog *shy*

too much stuff has been happening of late, I never realized I'd be busier after exams are over!

But you know the thing that I'm dreading the most? Looking for a job for the first time :(

I'm kinda depressed of the idea of having to start work so soon. Having to be stuck with a 9-5 job, and not being able to wake up at 11am whenever I want to. yeeeuucck. But that'll be a story for another blog post :D

SO Anyways, back to "DENIM!"♥

Recently been madly buying anything denim-ish. Let's face it , after the colour black its probably the next most flexible fashion item for everything.

So here are a few fashion essential denims I think everyone should definitely invest in.

1. Denim Usamimi



Aren't they just so absolutely mad cute??? I got mine from this site called: TheVanityHall , they're selling them real cheap now, at only RM8.40 (coz they are having 30% sales nao).
See Imma such a bargain hunter. I don't like buying stuff at full price LOL.


Its so flexible I can even fashion it into a cute scarf!


I tried making it into a ribbon but a bit "'FAIL"". AKML. It still looks good neeways!

2. Denim Jacket




My new denim jacket is mad love. Since the day I got it (2 weeks ago) I've been matching this damn thing with every single one of my outfits. I think all my friends see until sien.

I've gotta say its still one of the best investments I've ever made! Its so chio, and I love the lace details around the collars and the back. Imma not gonna say where I bought it coz I the less people have it, the better for me. Mwahahahahahahahah.

3. Denim Jeans

But not just any boring denim jeans. I hate it whenever I have to wear the ugly (ok fine, its not ugly its just that its so common I hate them) dark denim jeans.

My ideal jeans are from Topshop but I have to save up like forever to even get one :(:(:(:(

Here are a few I've spotted from their website which I really really really want!!!!!!



Ripped jeans with spikes!!!! AWESOME!!

I'm planning to buy a cheapo pair of grey denims one day and learn to rip them myself. So much cheaper that way.

Hope this post was somewhat entertaining for you guys. Peace out!

Nang here