11 December 2010

Give me a BREAK

I just ended a 10month relationship.

Its been changed on Facebook, and he's changed his as well to single.

And his friend went and liked it. (yes fine I still stalk his fb coz I just ended it today so gimme a break ok)

For fuck's sake please show some EQ. Don't "like" a ''single status'' when it used to be in a relationship. Even if I was a shit girlfriend, you have no idea what went on between us so keep your stinkin ''like'' buttons to yourself when it comes to sensitive issues like these.

13 November 2010

If I had Rapunzel's Hair

Ironically, the year 2010 has been the year I've done the most things with my hair.

I've had it coloured numerous times, curled, cut, etc, you name it I've done it all already!! Coz you know why???


They say ''clothes make a person'', but so does hair!! Its even recommended to change your hairstyle every 2-3 years to keep your face looking fresh & young. It prevents boring looking photos as well, I mean like imagine if you had the same boring black shoulder length hair from 2000 - 2009, I mean like fuck, you wouldn't be able to tell what year you took that photo in if you didn't watermark a date!!!

Back to my point, this post is made in conjunction with Disney's latest Princess movie,


Its an animated movie of Rapunzel, a woman with 70 feet of long lusterous blonde hair locked up in a magical tower, waiting for a prince to rescue her...... NOT. In fact, its actually a hair-raising adventure of her escape from the tower with a thief who accidentally breaks in, not knowing what's in store for him.

The movie sounds so fun already!!!

I'm just gonna post the few pictures of drastic changes I've done to my hair. The first would be to cut off my long, tangled (geddit geddit???ok fine I'm annoying) , dry hair.

To this!!
I'm so loving short hair right now. You can't believe the amount of shampoo and hair mask I've managed to save!

Hell, I even went a notch blonder with DIY hair dye, a post that you can read here.
(bad face picture of me, but great hair colour)

What would I do if I had 70 feet of long magical blonde hair ????

First thing I'd do is chop it off, and make it into numerous wigs. Can you imagine, every week I can go out with a new different hair??

Long Blonde Hair?

Or a short blonde bob?

Long hair but not blonde?

The list can go on forever!!

And who else has long blonde, outlandish hair that I can copy? Why , Lady GaGa!!

Oh good lord I forgot my hair was magical as well. If that's the case, imagine, doing household chores will be done 5000 times faster since they could all be done at once.

Its like Mickey in Fantasia where he enchanted all the brooms to do work for him!!

It'd be a great idea for Halloween as well. I can easily go as Sadako (if i dye it black) and use it too spook out innocent candy-loving children by quietly using my hair to trip them over. They will never know what hit them!! Mwaaaahahahahahahhahaahahahahaha.

(**awesome fan pic of someone else as Sadako**)

Unfortunately, all that's fictional S-I-G-H.

I think I'd make a terrible Rapunzel if I ever was one.

Watch the trailer:

8 November 2010

New Hair Colour by Revlon

I read from STYLE.SUZI that home DIY blonde hair will NOT make your hair turn blonde thanks to our very dark hair colour.

So I decided to risk it since I'm pretty much sick of my dark chocolate brown hair but was too broke to get a professional dye job.

Here we go!!

Bought Revlon Blonde since it claims to not have ammonia (rm22.90)

Last few pictures of me in black/dark brown hair.

Close up of my hair pre-dyed!

What's in the box

Me looking like an idiot with newspaper on my shoulders. Its a much easier option that having to use an old towel, albeit effin fugly.

Its my bestie in the background helping me dye my hair!!

After washing & conditioning, its time to blow dry to bring out the colours properly

semi-dry coloured hair.

How it really looks like in real-life (taken yesterday)

I've got to say, I really do love how the colour turned out!! Be warned though, I've noticed that dying a lighter colour makes your hair extremely dry despite using intensive conditioner. I had to do hair mask every week just to keep my hair from being too dry!

28 October 2010

Of cakes and sweet things

Bits and pieces of photos here and there. My good old Canon camera is now dead :( So i'm relying heavily on my handphone which is pretty shit coz I'm so used to high quality pics!


A boutique in Bangsar that Selina brought me to. Its soo cute!


Front entrance is basically a chalk board prettily decorated.

I do hope I can own my own cafe one day to look like this!!
The owner is so artistic!

Clothes in there are really nice to, mostly japanese/korean inspired pieces that I don't really see anywhere else (i.e hardly any of those mass produced pre-order blogshops clothes =___= )

Frothy Cappuccino with heart


The vibrant red colour made us feel the cake looked kinda dodgy, but after a few bites, Mel & I were sold!! Now I love it to bits!!

If anyone has any tips on how to make pictures look like ''lomo'' or more artsy, do share them with me!! I'm always looking for more creative ways to decorate my photos and make them look better

26 October 2010

Dear Blog

Sorry I've been ignoring you. A lot of unhappy things have been happening to me of late. I'm still very much jobless after applying for 2 months plus, my relationship hasn't been peachy at all because of all the stress involved, and I'm pretty much counting my last pennies in my already torn-up wallet.

Not to mentioned I failed a stupid license exam that I have been studying for a year, further adding to my parents pressure for a job and I'm constantly reminded of their disappointment in me.

------I must remind myself to steal Lillian Too's water fountain and Jade collection-----------

I must say starting Monday this week though, things have been looking up for me. I got myself a part-time job in the meantime to earn some side income, I've gotten two interviews lined up for next week, and I'm glad my parents were still kind enough to sponsor me a car which is arriving soon.

Fingers crossed I do hope I find a new path in life!


16 October 2010

CatShitOne: Rabbits in military suits?

Do you find rabbits cute?

Next question, do you like seeing rabbits holding guns and wearing military uniform whilst hopping around?

Even if your answer is no, I still insist that you should watch CatShitOne.


This is a film & comic created by Motofumi Kobayashi on a setting based on the war in the Middle East.

As you've probably already guessed, this is not your typical bunny movie. The story starts out with prisoners brought to a military camp set out in the dessert of the middle-eastern territory, where Sergeant Packy and Botasky are heading the search & rescue team.


Sergeant Packy


The enemy are camels

Cast aside your skepticism to watch this, because CatShitOne is surprisingly good and this statement is coming from a GIRL. So far, CatShitOne has only released one 20minute episode online but there has been no news reports of when the other episodes will come out or how long it would be.

The graphics are refreshing , beautiful and well-done. Usually animal animations are done pretty badly because character movement looks unreal but this obviously has not been a problem for Motofumi and his team. Everything was done with almost a hundred percent pure realism, and the length (20mins) made the whole show a truly enjoyable watch without even being a touch draggy.

Do give this short film a watch, though be-warned you may have an uncontrollable urge to suddenly keep a pet bunny and dress them up in military uniform.

It is only available to watch, here. (their official youtube channel is only for Japan)

11 October 2010


I love all quintessential , pretty, and delicate things.

So when I stumbled upon this site called, I was pretty much thrilled to see such a huge array of creative goodies from people all over the world!

Etsy basically means handmade stuff (though it can encompass quirky stock items, photography, and all sorts of other vintage hand-me-downs).

First off, I want to say that I DO NOT CLAIM any copyright over any of the items/photos below. I have just uploaded them here on my website because I feel they are beautiful pieces of art that I would like to show to others who stumble upon my blog. I have left their sites under the images so do head on over and check them out.





And this girl creates mad beautiful pin-wheels.



Visit Rule42

How about re-using old vintage stuff for other purposes?

Would you believe these were old bread trays?

And that old books make awesome decor?

Visit Dolled




This girl is amazing, I pretty much feel like purchasing everything on her site. She's soooo creative!! Visit SGArtandFashion

Why not turn your acorns blue?


Just like what FairyFolk did.


I lost the link for this beautiful picture because my computer crashed on me while I was researching it :( Sadness. But I remembered her gallery had piles & piles of beautiful stuff everywhere.

Even just looking at these pictures made my day. Hope they made yours too ;)

9 October 2010

I've changed myself!!

Before this, I've been trying to keep long hair for the past one year. I wanted hair so long it could reach up till my bloody ass.

But, as time would have it, I grew impatient and fed up with waiting for my long hair. No matter how much I cut off the ends every few months, the damn thing never grew that much longer. It takes me a span of 5 months just to grow a wee 5cm of hair. By then, my hair deteriorated to a terrible condition - I had constant frizzy, tangled hair and very very bad split ends. Its not to say I never used hair conditioner or proper shampoo. I did, its just that long hair is very much harder to manage.


My recent trip to Phuket with TTM, Ms.Ave T, Debbeh + Jon totally DID NOT make things any better for my already dying hair ends.

The extend of my dry hair can be seen most in this recent picture *shudders*

And yes I know this whole post is gonna start sounding like a shampoo advert asking you to invest in This&That Shampoo that will revitalized your hair with the much needed essential minerals.

But you see, I've given up.

So I chopped everything off right before the Nuffnang Vaseline Event.


I just can't express how happy I am with my new hair!! It looks so cute and japanese! Some people have been asking me whether its a wig and I assure you, its NOT :) . I just happen to have found a great stylist thanks to Miss Ave T, **big wet kiss on da cheek**



It has really been many many years since I've had hair this short. I've always assumed that I will ONLY look good with long hair. I'm glad I've been proven wrong this time!!!!! I feel I look so much more refreshed and less tired! xxx

On a side note, I tried bottom false lashes for the first time. And yes, I know it looks mightily weird but it looks totally chio from far away (just stay 30cm away from my face thankyouverymuch). I still have much to learn about the ways of the jedi putting undereye falsies.

Shit I always look so unnaturally fair in photos. I really am rather tanned in real life!

For those of you who have been having the same hairstyle for the past one year, go make a change today! Who knows it could actually be the best decision you've made for yourself all year!

4 October 2010


♥ Purikura ♥

For those of you who are japanese-noobs, ''Purikura" are those cutesy japanese photo-stickers that you take in photo booths.

You know what, enough explaining, once you see my photos you'll get what I mean :)

(ps: it may take some time for the purikura to load depending on your internet speed. If you're singaporean it should load pretty fast. If you're malaysian ''sila tunggu sepuluh minit. confirm keluar" )


You can make all your photos purikura style here!

Some slight tips for you guys:

♥ resize photos preferably to 400-500 in width
♥ Ensure that you have FlashPlayer Ver.8

There's another site that's doesn't not have as many functions and is admittedly less attractive, but it definitely loads much faster and the pictures here are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger

you can check it out at:

Do me a favour, and NANG HERE

30 September 2010

Are you moist enough?

What's a girl's best friend?

It used to be diamonds, a sea of shoes, shelves of branded handbags, gorgeous sheer laced dresses, or even that deadly love-hate relationship with chocolate.

But I'd say not anymore. With Vaseline's launch of new skincare lotion, its about time we women (and men) look at what's ''really'' best for our skin.

Our skin gets destroyed easily by over-exposure to the sun, lack of water, or even from being in an air-conditioned room for too long!!!

Do you want back your old baby bottom skin? How in the world can you get back that lovely fluffy smooth texture?

Well, you can do that by purchasing from Vaseline's range of moisturizing lotions ranging from Aloe Fresh, Total Moisture,Healthy White, and Intensive Resue!!

I've bought two of the above to try out, and I must say I'm nothing short of impressed.



Healthy White:
- skin lightening lotion
- at the same time, ensures that your skin is fully moisturized

Total Moisture:
- slightly more moisturizing than healthy white
-contains that essential Vitamin E that works as an anti-aging agent reducing wrinkles and fine lines!


See even Kitty is mad happy about my purchase!! ♥ ♥

But WAIT!!

When's the best time to apply moisturizer?

A: Moisturizers work its best right after a shower, when the skin's pores are open and supple, making it soak up all the goodness in a moisturizer 5 times more easily than normal.

Its best as well to apply it at night before you go to bed, especially so if you sleep in an air conditioned room.

Now with Vaseline, dry skin is the least of my worries when I wake up in the mornings. Long gone are the terrible days of white skin flake lines over my arms and legs.

I can now sleep better with Vaseline!!

And there's absolutely no excuse for you lazy bums to not bring around your lotion saying its too heavy to bring that damn bottle on vacations. That's because Vaseline has been smart enough to also create travel-friendly bottle sizes!!


So ladies and germs, get your very own Vaseline today!! Save your skin before its too late!!!



Hope you've enjoyed this post!