16 October 2010

CatShitOne: Rabbits in military suits?

Do you find rabbits cute?

Next question, do you like seeing rabbits holding guns and wearing military uniform whilst hopping around?

Even if your answer is no, I still insist that you should watch CatShitOne.


This is a film & comic created by Motofumi Kobayashi on a setting based on the war in the Middle East.

As you've probably already guessed, this is not your typical bunny movie. The story starts out with prisoners brought to a military camp set out in the dessert of the middle-eastern territory, where Sergeant Packy and Botasky are heading the search & rescue team.


Sergeant Packy


The enemy are camels

Cast aside your skepticism to watch this, because CatShitOne is surprisingly good and this statement is coming from a GIRL. So far, CatShitOne has only released one 20minute episode online but there has been no news reports of when the other episodes will come out or how long it would be.

The graphics are refreshing , beautiful and well-done. Usually animal animations are done pretty badly because character movement looks unreal but this obviously has not been a problem for Motofumi and his team. Everything was done with almost a hundred percent pure realism, and the length (20mins) made the whole show a truly enjoyable watch without even being a touch draggy.

Do give this short film a watch, though be-warned you may have an uncontrollable urge to suddenly keep a pet bunny and dress them up in military uniform.

It is only available to watch, here. (their official youtube channel is only for Japan)

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  1. haha! but a bit freaky though!! bunny one i like.