11 April 2013

Etude House: Juicy Cocktail gradation nails

I've always wanted to try gradation nails, so I was ecstatic that these babies finally went on sale at Etude House!!

gradation nails photo IMG_0236_zps604c0189.jpg

The set comes in 3 mini colours, which I love because personally I find that most nail polishes come in bottles that are way too big. I've never had the chance to finish up my nail polish before the damn thing hardens up. 

 photo IMG_0238_zps8cad82af.jpg

 photo IMG_0237_zpsc95bd765.jpg
Not too hard to understand even though it looks like greek to me. 

Colours in real life: 
 photo IMG_0241_zpsa3f5ade9.jpg

Erm... the colours are rather different from the display picture promised on the packaging, but I love it nonetheless!! I've used two coats for the base , single layer coating for the medium purple glitter, and double, maybe triple on some nails for the deep purple.

I think the fun part about gradation nails is to just have fun and play with different coats of colours and just layer ém on! This was super simple do to and I was done in about 30mins :D

1 April 2013

HOLI 2013

Holi is known as the festival of colour to celebrate the start of spring observed by the Hindus. Now, it has become a multicultural event and on every photographer's must-list. During this festival, coloured powder is thrown, smeared, even mixed with water into big-ass water guns and sprayed onto the attendees.  Attendees then go around wish each other with "HAPPY HOLI!".

I went to this year's Holi at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir at Kuala Lumpur. What a sight we were greeted with! 

In case you couldn't tell, I'm the girl in the blue cap underneath the helpfully drawn mask of colours in the pictures above.

And oddly enough, I went there with gold painted nails but came back with green nails as a result of all the coloured powder. 


But its still rather pretty! 

Do join the festive next year round! Its definitely an experience to remember. 

30 March 2013

Ted Baker

Stuck home on a bored Saturday afternoon, so I decided to blog about this week's shopping (and probably my last for this month because I'm dead broke :(  )

I've been saving up forever to get a new wallet and I've always loved the Ted Baker wallet series:

Images are from John Lewis

I just love how this season their using the Daschund as a clasp!

Bought an off season wallet though for a marked down price, and I absolutely love it!

18 March 2013

Hadonomy Collagen Cream & Soju

Yay for collagen cream!! Its so much easier in our generation to stay younger and slow down the ageing process compared to back in our parent's time. As much as I do believe in ''homemade skin care'', I don't think it'll ever be as effective as collagen injected directly into cream *ahem*. 

Hadanomy collagen cream is from Japan, its key ingredients include 1000mg of collagen, hyaluronic acid, acerola extract, honey and perfume. Like all moisturizing creams, apply it on your face and neck area after you've toned your face. 

So why is 1000mg of collagen so important? Well, if you haven't already noticed, most collagen supplements come in tablets/ small bottled drinks of 1000mg. There are mixed reviews on how much collagen one should take a day, but the average is seemingly 3000mg-5000mg in order to see or maintain your results. 

So what do I like about this product? 
blushing hello kitty smileyLightweight and non greasey

blushing hello kitty smileyMoisturizes easily into skin

blushing hello kitty smileyPretty packaging

blushing hello kitty smileyNice and light perfume smell


Although the product pretty much fulfills all the basic requirements of a moisturizing cream and does leave my skin feeling soft and supple, I don't see much effect in terms of combating fine lines. I gauge this by the lines on my neck because I never use to take care of my neck and now its got loads of crazy wrinkle lines on it that look mad hideous. 

Overall, this product is OK, I wouldn't consider re-purchasing it but its pretty alright to try out. If you're really looking for something a lot more effective and stronger as opposed to slapping cream on your face, consuming tablets/drinks might be a much better alternative. 

 out of 5 stars for me.

Tried Soju for the first time when I went out for Korean BBQ with friends! 19% alcohol, this one holds. Was enough for all, one bottle. Sorry, Yoda I was, trying to do.


Mah peeps 

Sorry my boobs were just obscene in this picture 

A vainpot pic of meself before I left the house. I look so radiant here!! 

9 March 2013

Ikea shelves & Tokyomilk review

My bedroom has been in dire need of more storage space for quite a while. I was starting to hate the 'lined-up' look of arranging things in my bedroom. I headed over to IKEA for white shelves I've had in mind for quite a while, these costed me about RM80 for both the shelves and the metal  stands. 

It was really really fun arranging and deciding how to decorate my shelves! (the nailing and driling was horrible though luckily I had six-packed and ribbed *coughahemcozhemademewritethiscough* Ed to help me out.

Its so much nicer to take product photos with the new shelves.

Everything suddenly looks like I took it in the shop. *loves*

Anyhoo, in this picture I've bought the block letters "C.H" which are my initials from a shop called Typo @Pavillion KL.

The cranberry scented candles are from British India (RM20). Its got a lovely smell but its pretty useless as the smell only seems to hang around a 5 cm radius around the scented candle =____=

I don't think many people have heard of the brand Tokyomilk before, its a brand created by Margot Elena which sells scented body care products ranging from lotions, soaps, and loads of other scented curiosities.

My friend Selina bought me a Tokyomilk hand lotion as an X'mas pressie last year but I never got around to doing a write-up about. This one is called "Gin & Rosewater" and claims to have the said infused ingredients of: Japanese Green Tea, Mimosa Bark and Dandelion with rich Shea Butter.

My first thought? 

The scent!! Its absolutely gorgeous and stays on your palms for a really long time, up to an hour in fact if you've not gone out of the house. 

Excuse my chipped nails my work involves a lot of typing, but you can see from the picture that the lotion has a watery and easily spreadable consistency.You know how sometimes some hand lotions tend to be a tad too oily and takes over to rub it into your skin before its fully absorbed in? I'm happy to say this has none of those problems, seeps through my skin easily enough with a moisturized after-effect. 

I don't even need to mention the beautiful eye-catching vintage packaging. Hell, it looks good even as a room deco. 

I do recall seeing them selling these at BangsarVillage, but if not you can always headover to their website at :) 

18 February 2013

Kate BB gel cream

Kate BB gel cream has been my absolute favourite for the past 6 months, I love it so much I'm already on my second bottle!

This stuff's fantastic for daytime wear if you're looking for something that's not cakey and suitable for humid weather. It comes in three different skin shades, which is rare for BB cream as they mostly come in ''one-tone-for-all''.

I've bought OC-D which actually isn't so brown as they make it out to be in the colour swatch they provided.

Some basic facts : 

kissSPF 30
     kissMade in Japan
kiss Not water-proof

Unfortunately my camera does not capture the true colour of OC-D which is actually slightly more darker than this.

The texture is creamy and spreads pretty easily across the face. The amount I've squeezed onto the back of my hand plus a wee bit more is just about enough to cover the whole face area.

Time for before and after pictures!!

Left : Before , Right: After

Pores are visibly smaller and blemishes have completely disappeared! If you wanted a perfect finish with completely covered pores, I suggest using a make-up base or pore balm (I heard Benefit's POREfessional is one of the best). I didn't bother using one as my pores are not visible in photos unless I take really close up ones like these.

I think from these photos alone you can tell why I love this stuff so much. Price point wise, its pretty reasonable at RM55 (but in Hong Kong, I bought an extra bottle for RM30 only).

Brush on some loose powder to set the BB cream and you're all done!

One fuckin huge ass star for this product just because its bloody awesome.