25 June 2011

Sparkly Playground Giveaway!

Sparkly Playground is having a giveaway! Just give it a shot to see whether you might be able to win a nice surprise as well ;) No harm giving it a shot!

So what's inside?

Melliesh - Lipgloss
ELF Nail Polish - Matte Finish
Annabelle - Eyeshadow Quad
Daiso - Eyelashes
ELF - Mineral Blush in Pink
Forever 21 - Robot Necklace
Philosophy - Inner Grace Body Lotion and Hand Cream
Body America - Lip Balm

Forever 21 - Eyeshadow Palette (My HG)
Annabelle - Blush
Hime Inspired Mirror
Missha - Vita BB Cream
MAC - Cremesheen Lipgloss in Boy Bait
Bath and Body Works - Lotion
Body America - Lip Balm

So do pop by Sparkly Playground to find out more ;)

23 June 2011

Red Lipstick

I'm a bit obsessed with it at the moment. Got my first very bloodishly red lipstick from Revlon (Matte Red).



Was inspired by Suzistyle's vid here:

I loved her red lips!!

Tried it out the other day but I wasn't used to it at first. My lips were waaaaaaaaaayy more red than this before I dabbed it with tissue coz I couldn't take the strong red colour.


Sorry about the awful bed hair


I think it turned out pretty well to be honest, I have pretty tanned skin (don't trust the photos coz they liiieeee!!!! They've been heavily edited coz I tried out a muted colour effect for them). I know tanned people usually have a hard time with red lipstick coz it usually looks better on fair skinned people which is true. But after trying this out, I would suggest if you're tanned to use a more ''matte'' red colour like this Revlon one as it does suit our skin tone pretty well :)

Btw, do use lip liner. It really helps out loads as very blood red lipstick tends to smear a bit and the liner helps give ur lips a nice, polished look to your lips.

Wasn't wearing any liner in these pictures, but I went out the other night with the boyfriend and I must say with liner it does look way better.

Currently I'm using Rimmel Liner which is pretty cheap, only RM11.90 right now in Watsons.

14 June 2011

Muffin my wabbit

I've had my wabbit for about a year but I've never blogged about this thing coz she leads a rather boring life if I do say so myself. Her only entertainment is chewing on my precious shoes. My expensive precious shoes may I add =_____=

Interestingly though, the span of photos of her over 1 year says a lot about her!




Back then she was shooo cute. I wish she had remained that miniature for the rest of her life. Unfortunately she didn't.



Now she has a huge double chin!! See compare her with the photo below back in 2010:


She was so slim back then lolz~~~~~

Bought a new type of rabbit food for her from Japan. Strawberry flavour summore.



But cheatone. There was no strawberry smell when I opened it. bleh. Poor thing has to finished 2.5 kg of strawberry flavoured rabbit food.