23 March 2010

As a woman....

Always be as strong as you can be. Stand like a mountain against the fiercest storms. Or at least like steel against the strong winds on the streets when you're wearing six-inch heels.

Always keep friends you love close. Always remember them. Always be there for them.

For as independent as you are, no one wants to be alone all the time and end up living with 900 cats.

As when it comes to love & men, like beer & cheap wine, be careful so you don't take more than you can drink.

Sometimes its okay to fall. Then you let it out and cry.

Heck, even eat all the ice cream in the fridge if you want to. But remember to diet tomorrow.

And as a woman, what you must do love, is eventually pick up those broken pieces.

Get yourself back together.

Now look in the mirror. I'm sure you look pretty terrible. Straighten your hair, wear your best dress.

Slowly turn the knob of the door to the blinding sun outside.

It takes courage, strength, love, and compassion to step out and face the world.

For that's what real women are.

(ok end of my crappy poem. i emo )


  1. babe, are u alright? *hugs*

  2. wow, emo cheryl. nice meeting you...

  3. aiya..why so emos babe? okay mo? we go for ice cream k..then tmrw om burger..then the next day bak kut teh :D

  4. aw u guys are THE BEST!! **HUGS**

    had to torture u guys 1st to read it. HAHAHAHAH!!

    wildberry, will tell u soon.

    laurie not funny wei! -_-

    debbeH: I'll intend for u to keep ur word!

  5. poor baby... =(
    i hope u r feeling better now...

    btw...the last sentence made me laugh...AHHAHAH!!SO FUNNY! i love u baby! MUAHH!

  6. Love you AhMa! After i finish my assignment girls night out again ne (^^ )! Go!