26 June 2008

For the love of a shoe

Imagine if you were trapped in a cubicle, and you wanted to see what kind of person is on the outside, but all you have is one foot of an opening at the bottom of the cubicle.

Men often say a single shoe is enough.

But you see, the thing about a shoe is that it defines a person, it shows what type of person you are, where you are going, and what season it is.

Back to that tiny cubicle where you can only see people's feet, let's say you saw a girl who is wearing:


Flats - shows that this girl is probably out shopping or out for a relaxing time.


In heels - the diamond studs suggest that she is going for dinner at a nice restaurant, or maybe prom night. This shoe is strictly a night shoe.


Bitch in heels. The power woman shoe - shows that she's on work now in the office. Either that or she's attending her mother-in-law's funeral. (I am kidding about the funeral part)


White bridal shoes - obviously this woman is taken.


Boots shows that its winter and her toes are freezing. Boots with heels suggest that this woman dosen't give a f*ck that its winter and that the cement floors are slippery, she still wants to be fashionable.


Tacky high platforms with plastic straps suggest that this woman is a slut/whore/stripper.


Plastic straps are a must for strippers.

See how much a shoe can describe a person/event/character?

I also found this absolutely gorgeous site that showcases highfashion shoes that are breathtaking - I know, its a bit extreme to say a shoe is breathtaking, but seriously, have a look at these heavenly shoes!!!
















For more spectacular shoes head on over to

24 June 2008

Ikea gets creative on trains

In Japan, Ikea came up with a creative advertising concept to advertise their homeware products in monorails. Instead of the usual posters, IKEA completely REVAMPED the whole train.

Check it out!






see more on this link here.

21 June 2008

Adorable Coffee Decoration

I wish I knew how to decorate my coffee like this everyday. I hope stores in Malaysia will start doing this soon!!

Imagine its gonna be so uber cute to go to a mamak, order teh tarik, and notice an adorable bunny in your teh tarik.

I know I am full of bullshit. hahahaahaha.

17 June 2008

Angmofied girls

I wish either my great grandfather/grandfather, great grandmother/grandmother was Irish/German/Portugese/Polish then I might end up with a chance of looking like either one of this women.

I said 'might' ok? :P

Asian babes with mix angmoh blood looks soooo cool. Their facial features are unique, giving them that asian beauty look minus the pointy eyes and that much adored ang moh high cheekbones. Soooo niiceee.

Marie Digby, whose mother is Japanese and father is Irish-American

Devon Aoki , Japanese daddy, English mommy

Maggie Q, American father , French Canadian Vietnamese and Irish descent mother..

These are like the only 3 people I can think of for now but they are absolutely gorgeous!

Top 5 Hottest Guys in Law Class of 2007/8

Tagged by SAM!!!!(ohmygawd, this is hard. There are only 12 MEN IN MY CLASS. Damn pathetic ok. Not good looking also have to enter the list. *COUGH COUGH*!!! hahahaahahahaha!!!)

1. Zhen - obvious winner here hands down. Don't baloon up your head k Zhen? 1/12 not that keng. lol!!!

2. Paul

3. Sushan

Haha!! the only non-chinese who made it on this list. Oh wait. He IS the only non-chinese male in our class =_=.

4. Mel

5. David

15 June 2008

Things that make me puke on Father's Day

Kevin Federline, asshole of the century, got awarded "Father of the Year" - in a club while drinking.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were both in Las Vegas Friday night, but didn't hang out.

Federline nabbed a Father of the Year Award at club Prive, while Spears chilled with her dad Jamie and an assistant at the Cinevegas party at Palms Place.

Spears, 26, sipped just water while sitting in a poolside cabana, according to an eyewitness. She departed at 12:20 a.m. Saturday morning, after spending about an hour and a half there.

Meanwhile, across town, Federline was shocked at his Father of the Year award.

"I'm surprised," Federline said when asked how it felt to win the title.

Federline, 30, hit up the club with a group of male pals - including divorce attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan - just before 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

Federline - also named a Power Player last year - had a quiet night at the club, chilling with friends and pumping his fist into the air when Timbaland's "The Way I Are" was played by the DJ.

Prive presented Federline his Father of the Year trophy "someplace quiet" at the dad-of-four's request, so clubgoers didn't see the ceremony, according to a source.

view source here.

Penelope - the movie

I watched Penelope - the movie with Mel last night after dinner.

This movie was damn nice and I was wondering why in the world in never came to Malaysia? Everything's pretty innocent and the storyline is cute.

Then I realised it was coz the main character looked like a Babi. Okay, that explains a lot =_=

Penelope's clothes are adorable

But what I super love most about this movie is Penelope's room. It makes me wanna put plastic trees and cut out black paper birds in my bedroom. It has that kind of mystical look to it. Of course, though I say this I am not going to be bothered to actually do this.

Click to enlarge

Also clickable - she loves plants very much & kept them in glass jars in her room.

See what I mean by damn mystical room?

Neeways, for you girls out there deliciouslytacky found this neat little site called that allows you to play dress-up hosting clothes from known brands like Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Abercrombie etc. I've been hooked since just now!! Damn fun to play when you're bored.

Casual Dinner date

Girls Day Out

Now go play.

13 June 2008

Chilling near the pool

Mel offered us his Condo's pool to chill at and we ordered pizza by the pool. I'm so sick of staying at home!! It was great to go out for the whooole day :P


Doing my nails the day before. Must have the 'summer' feel. I am a bimbo.

A very satisfied Paul eating Dominos' Seaafood pizza


David came there late walking towards us like some TaiKo with a huge bag of money. Hahahahaaha!!


After lunch, everyone went into the pool except poor Sam who had to stay on shore =_=. Once you are better I swear I am going to push you in!

But the only good thing about Sam being not able to swim was that she could photograph us that day. KeKeKe...


Group photo in the pool

Tracy having the time of her life


Paul is gonna make a huge splash


David shows how sliding should be done


Mel attempts his own version accompanied by bruises

Paul straightening his pants in the background. LOL!!!

Meditation in the pool?


We were supposed to catch the tennis ball in this picture but it looks more like we're worshipping a new religion =_=

The guys went to play tennis after swimming


A random shot of my feet on the tennis court

Tracy & Sam insisted on a lesson on tennis. I stood by near the shade as much as possible while taking photos. I hate sports. But people always comment to me "OH, but you look so damn healthy! " line. The irony of it!!! :P


Tracy giving her hand at tennis


Sam TRIES to learn tennis while Tracy strolls around the court


Sam: "I can finally put all those golf techniques to use now!"


Posing with a tennis racket - under the shade


Later some of us got bored with tennis so we went strolling around the condo somemore.

Bring out ur inner kid



But later we got bored ofthe playground and went for yet another dip in the pool!

Babes on a rock? I can't think of a better title

David showing of us manly leg hair to the women

After an exhausting day we went for dinner at SS2 Murni. I super miss their mango special! Its damn nice..... I'm always amazed at how packed this place can be. Its famous for lining up tables in front of other people's shoplots and taking up the limited parking space in SS2.


Group photo

Then we went to watch the late night movie at 11.20pm which Alex was very very very excited to watch, THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

I decided to watch it coz the actor as Tony Stark from Ironman was making a cameo appearance. He is so lengzhai!!!

It was a pretty good movie but out of all the Marvel characters I least like the Hulk. Big, green, ugly, hot-tempered, dumb, and incoherrent.

Not your most typical likable superhero - which can be a bad thing.