8 February 2012

Bacon Mashed Potato Recipe

I know this blog is too random, from makeup, clothes, travelling, to bacon recipes but I swear this is just an off track for a wee while! I''ll get back to blogging about make up again pretty soon ^^

I had a potluck with my Bf's family not too long ago and most of us had made homemade dishes <3

What his sister made which put the rest of us to utter shame :'( Please dont ask me how she made this.

This is mine and the boyfriend's. It's Bacon Mashed Potato for now but I haven't thought of a 'zing' name for it as of yet! heh.


Mashed Potato
Bacon (pork)
Cheese (I just used normal Kraft cheese slices, nothing fancy) 
Cream Cheese 
Salt (wee bit) 

To feed about 10 people I put in roughly around 5-6 potatoes for this dish. As usual have them mashed, and after mashing, throw in lots of cream cheese (I used 2/3 of a block) , some milk (however much you want to taste creamier. Keep adding and tasting it as you go) . I added a tinge of salt as well just for extra flavour. 

Cut your bacon into small bite-sized pieces and fry them lightly beforehand. They don't have to be fully cooked. Then, layer the cheese on top of your mashed potato, throw the bacon on top, and oven it for 10 mins 

This is a super feel-good recipe and great for potluck (coz its easier to make than a lot of other fancy Chinese meals ahem).

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