5 June 2007


Why is it that we get all the creeps here? Just now when I was about to go out, this super creepy indian guy approach me and my housemate at our gate, and asked us to pay RM60 for spraying the 'nyamuk aedes services'.

He even had a receipt printed nicely, with "CHEGAI AEDES SERVIES"

I just wanna tell you guys watch out for such con men. These services are supposed to be FREE provided by the government when spraying this medicine around the surrounding area. No one is allowed to charge you for such services.

My housemate called our landlord, and our landlord told us it is FREE and NOT to pay the guy any money. This fucking bastard then tries to open our gate, then I closed it and locked it in front of him.

Seriously beware of such a guy. He is of average height, rather heavy looking (fat), and is an indian man with a moustache. He goes around from door to door with his friend in this van that has a picture of a mosquito with a "no entry" red sign over the mosquito.

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