12 June 2007

Read of the Day: Death by Scrabble

Argh... my life has become so boring, I've lost interesting things to blog about... I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually miss school life. Not really much complaints about my part-time job, it pays well and is super easy to do but is DAMN boring. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Why can't someone start a fight here? Throw the computers around a bit? Or some major huge virus attacks the whole system, causing mass chaos, and the ICT department is panicking to repair the damage?

Or why not a fire?? just a tiny tiny little one somewhere in the premises, easily accessible for my eyes from my work spot? ( I am not referring to tiny fires of cigarette smoke or matchsticks. Those don't count) I'm so bored, I would even be excited to see a pregnant cat give birth next to me during my working hours.

I found this site which showcase good short stories from famous authors. I particularly recommend this one light read story, Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish. Seriously, if you're really that bored, you have absolutely no excuse to not read this because its only 4 pages long. Actually, a bit less than that. Its a fun an entertaining read about how a game of scrabble has serious consequences.


I went to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 last night with Samantha and her housemate. Yeah, I know I'm damn slow. Now only than watch. Not bad la... A pretty good movie and the ending definitely has a hint of another 4th sequal.

For da girls....
When did Orlando Bloom suddenly seem so hot? In pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2, his part in the movie seem almost neglible, but in POC3, suddenly he seemed so...... madly rugged?????!!! Maybe its becauses the directors focused a lot on his character this time in the movie in stead of the usually Johnny Depp, but wow, all 3 of us were nodding our heads at how 'manly' he had becomed.... *sigh*

Maybe its his beard bristles? I dunno...

p/s: TH~! Don't worry lar... for me you still beat Orlando ^_^

*Movie Spoiler*
One thing though I particularly hated about the movie was Jack Sparrow's many many imaginary characters of himself. So damn annoying!!! Wasted valuable movie length time, and most of them were NOT even funny, just plain irritating. I also could not stand Keira Knightley's British accent. It really made it hard for me to understand some parts of her dialogue, and I usually ended up reading the BM subtitles below it. Sien...

But I absolutely loved the part when Sparrow figured out they had to turn the boat upside down, not wait for sunset. Somehow I keep thinking, "wow! damn cool!!" The special effects at the time was very well done, seeing all the water seem to empty out on the screen. Many other funny puns in the movie as well

Stayed over at Samantha's place that night, she was telling me about her 'exciting' trip to HK and a korean guy. Damn funny la her~! All those fun experiences. Eh, gals, next time you go HK you must really buy the branded perfume there. Its soooo worth it. Can get for about RM50 cheaper than in Malaysia if you look for the right places in HK. Sam tried to buy me Euphoria Blossom, by Calvin Klein but can you believe it? It was OUT OF STOCK!!! even all the samples were gone! Yes TH, I'm hinting. haha! Just kidding la actually... ^_^ But just in case you were curious TH, here is how the bottle looks like:

Can be found at outlets such as SASA, Parkson Grand, Metrojaya and Isetan. *cough**cough*


  1. How did you find that link??!!

  2. Do you meaning the one for the story?? I googled it just looking for 'short stories' coz i was bored. The official site is But it only showcases short stories there.