2 June 2007

Cupcakes Galore!

3 posts in one day, whew! I found this gorgeous site called Cuppacakes after a friend recommend it to me some time ago, link
Its situated somewhere in Damansara, and they only accept order-only cupcakes. And their all REALLY GORGEOUS CUPCAKES. Its about 3.8cm in diameter I think, and really expensive. 49pcs already cost about RM50. One hole in your pocket. According to her, not only do they look good, their Super delicious.

Here are a few samples I got off from their site to wet your appettites.....

They all look too good to eat! A lot of people will also custom made these cupcakes as birthday presents and I think its a fantastic idea~

hehehe... I will never let you guys down for not putting up food Happy Drooling!

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