19 June 2007


I went to sleepover at Su Wen's house last night. First thing I discovered, Brownie is seriously a very fierce dog. Su Wen insisted that the fact that he barks at me, growls, and convulses his body in a peculiar way in which looks like he is about to lounge at me does not mean that Brownie hates me.Thank God he had a chain on him.

Brownie growled something like this, but less like he was going to give birth and is not a Dalmation.

Aside from that, Brownie is a good-looking dog. I like Su Wen's neighbourhood. The houses look nice and freshly painted, none of those icky black streak marks from wear and tear of aircon water or leaky pipes. I missed Su Wen so much! We spent the whole day talking and talking about all the oudated gossip.

We were talking about the topic of puberty when she told me this story. Her sister's primary school fren, let's call her A, is in primary 5. Puberty age as we all know. She just started growing armpit hair and didn't shave it. Another male classmate (boys reach puberty later), let's call him B, went up to ask her, "Hey, why is hair growing from your armpit?"

Shyly, A replied "Haiya! Go ask your mother! She will know the answer wan!"
B went to ask his mother. The next day, A curiously asked him,"So what did your mother say?"

B replied "My mother say If I ask again, she will slap me."
Hahahahaha!! Hope that made you guys laugh. ^_^

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