29 May 2010

SJP in SouthPark


Poor wrinkly fashionable SJP!

26 May 2010

Project Alpha Videos

3 videos made by the TehTarik Team. ahahahahahaha.

Just felt it was about time I promoted my other two friends as well! XD

Miss Ave T's newscasting:

Mr.Teh's Alphanite Tune

And do remember to vote and check out my vid too! LINK

Sorry i've got no real updates in a long while. Been busy revising for exams and getting some stuff evened out here n there! Can't wait to go back to blogging for fun. Sigh..

25 May 2010

DiGi Angels Party: Break Free with DiGi

I think smartphones are great.

No correction, in fact they are far better from great. I think their FANTASTIC, a GOD-SENT GIFT!!

I loved the introduction of the touchscreen, you've got a whole wide screen to look at instead of those ugly minuscule icons on those "dumphones".

And there's something really cool about 'using light touches to get your phone working' instead of always stabbing at the 'wrong buttons'. It makes you and your phone so much happier ;)

I've been using the ExpressMusic 5800 for quite a while, and I must say I don't think i'll ever be able to go back to using a non-touchscreen.

See its so gorgeous!!

Not only that, it has all the smartphone functions, you can check your hotmail wherever you are, twitter, facebook (a loud "YEAAAAAH!!") , lots of fun applications to download such as games, fun functions.

Its the best companion to have around whether you're alone or with friends.

But like they say in superhero movies,

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Which also means that you can't get all the good stuff for free.

Sometimes, I feel my smartphone is as obsolete as the first edition of 'dumphones'.

Firstly, I love having fake nails so having a touch screen can be a bitch,

Its daaamn effin horrible trying to type with long nails. People have asked me to use the stylus but then there's still the problem of getting my stylus out with my long nails!!!

But secondly, 90% of the smartphone functions are obsolete because it doesn't function unless you have internet connection.

Which ironically leads us to conclude that:

Smartphones = Dumbphones


However, with DiGi's new plan, get your smartphone on DiGi's latest smartplan to enjoy all its wonderful benefits!!

For a flat rate of rm68/month, enjoy unlimited internet on your phone wherever you go, and with DiGi's wide coverage you can go online anywhere in any part of Malaysia!!

Ok, so it won't solve my fake nails problem but hell, its at least one problem down!


I'd even dare say you're getting a better deal than the other plans available out there *looks elsewhere* . Just a hint. XD

So do head on over to your nearest DiGi outlet and get your subscriptions started, like RIGHT NOW!!!

22 May 2010

DIY japanese hair styles

I've always found it annoying that its just so darn difficult to find a good how-to-video for Japanese hair styles like those in the ViVi Magazines.

All I get every time I utube 'japanese hairstyles' some stupid american stylist who always does very basic & grandma-ish french bun.

But behold!! I have found an authentic Japanese-bred on you tube showing you how to do those lovely ViVi Mag hairstyles in a simple way!

Her name is Binosusume (click for her youtube channel)

Go WATCH!! :

2 Minutes Easy Updo

Braided Hairband:

Super easy and nice but then your hair has to be extremely long.

Her hairstyle tutorials are really easy to understand despite her speaking in japanese. In fact, I don't find there is much need for talking at all as you can pretty much guess and see how she does it for yourself.

On my birthday I tried her 'french braid' tutorial with a bit of modification. I think it turned out pretty nice!!


No I did not celebrate my birthday at the mamak . Thank God.

Hope it helps you girls who have been looking for chio jap hair!

16 May 2010

So its my birthday!! (I)

My official birthday is actually on 12th May.

And I think May has crazy a lot of birthdays. Like seriously a lot of people couldn't make it because its their father/mother/aunty/brother/dog's birthday. :(

So upsetting!!

So my birthday had to be divided into two parts, one on the actual day itself, and another on on the 14th May both organised by the lovely Suwen.

I therefore find it befitting that I dedicate this entire post to her for being such a marvellous planner + the bestest friend in the world any birthday girl could ask for!!

Thanks loads baby... *BIG HUGS!!!*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

During the day, the girls were so sweet they didn't let me stay home alone and they brought me out to watch a movie, "IP MAN 2".

I'm telling you , you must watch IP MAN!! Its a story about Bruce Lee's Master. I myself wasn't to keen on watching it at fist, I nearly picked The Losers or Diary of a Whimpy Kid.


ip man 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Seriously the movie is about this kung fu that Bruce Lee is famous for called Weng-Chun and you'd end up hating the British very very much after that. After the movie we were all wishing that our moms had sent us to do Weng Chun Martial arts when we were younger.

The girls didn't tell me what plans they had on for me that night either. I really thought its just gonna be the 3 of us as usual until... they went to pick up SuYoong and brought me over for dinner at ChillOut!!! (check out the review for prices and food quality)





Suwen & I had the same dish!!




But the 'whipped cream' on the cake that night was the FREE FLOW OF ALCOHOL FOR LADIES!!



orange juice + whiskey.

Which was surprisingly pretty good as well! I hate those watered down free flow of alcohol.


The barman was pretty friendly and said "Ladies!! come behind the bar and take a pic!"



They surprised me with an Oreocheesecake! One of my absolute favs!!

But I must say Secret Recipe Cakes have really gone down. The cake tasted rather sourish & I remembered it never use to taste like that!

Its funny how as you grow older, you'd like to see less candles on your cake :P


The usual push the-candle-into-the-cake-and-grab-it-out-with-your-teeth

You can see Su yoong's guilty hand in the pic getting ready liaw.

Totally splattered!! Probably transferred the foundation on my face onto the birthday cake.



What a mess.

Then apparently Debbie had gotten a second slice of cake @_@

And they did the same thing pushing the candle waaay deep into the cake.

I stared down at SuYoong and made her swear:




Okay I like this pic juz coz!!(but my bra was showing hence the love)

I just bought this shirt today and wore it straight away.

Love FOS!! can you believe I only got it for RM15 and its an original Victoria Secret from PINK?? Bargain much ;)

I love my babe Sha's handbag. She got it from London.

A wonderful bunch of friends T^T

Us being Jon & Debbie's Streetlamps! See we're portable!!

A great place to bring the ladies on Wednesday's, for you cheapo men who wanna bring girls on a date,
and for the ladies, a great girly night out!
do take note!

11 May 2010

Addicted to make up

I must say,

I'm really one of those girls who are addicted to make -up. To the point I'll feel extremely uncomfortable if I went out of the house without make up. I'd feel like my pores are glaringly open like moon craters, and I'd look like the girl who just came from a small town planting paddy to the big city to plant even more paddy.

(ok technically I did come from a small town but that is besides the point. Its a metaphor dammit!)

I won't say I'm ugly, I think I'm just average looking but you see, that's the whole point. With make up, it covers all your flaws, like bad skin day, small eyes, ugly eye bags.

Then you get to see yourself on how you would have looked like have you had:

1) Great Skin
2) Bigger Eyes
3) No eye bags
4) Sharper nose

The list goes on, and you can achieve all this without plastic surgery!!

BUt the problem is after you've seen how good you look with make up on, how can you then walk out without make up when there are 1 million hot chicks out there that look so fabulous?

So I really do hate it when people (particularly older aunties & jackass men who claim they don't believe girls should wear make up) say that girls like us put on much make up. Natural beauty is best.

F you guys man.

There's a reason dear aunties, why people always comment that you look older than you really are. And to men who criticize girls with make up on? Well reality check, all those female sexy female celebs' whose photos you wank at, I bet all of them wear make up isn't it?

Whole point of this post was coz I was kinda pissed when I saw this vid:

They way they made the girl cry coz she looks so much different without make up. Look, I understand you wanna do a show about how different women look with and without make up.

But seriously need you go to that extend? WTH is wrong with Taiwan people man.

I think one of the best examples of a great celeb makeover would be Susan Boyle.

Remember how she used to look like??

Now after she became famous and with the complete look overhaul she now looks like this:

It just reminds me of how I used to be back in high sch, when I had bad skin and pretty much looked like shit, I felt like I was at the bottom of the high school food chain. You know how crazy peer pressure was back then especially for girls!!

I'm so glad I tried to change myself instead of moping around miserably wondering why no one likes me for 'just the way I am'.

Let's just face it, if you weren't that great to begin with, what's wrong with improving yourself?

7 May 2010

Good Lord I made a video

Omg my first time doing a video.

And it had to be a comedy. HAHAHA.

Since Sha made one auditioning for this Blog competition called Project Alpha, a show about bloggers, I felt I am now at the point of my life where I need to strike something off my to-do list,
make a video of myself!!

I have to thank Sha (for the video edits, he did everything Allah Bless Him hahaha) and Suwen (for the photo editing, brainstorming ideas, camerawoman, Buddha bless you woman) .

Hope it'll make y'all laugh coz I've never seen myself more stupid on video. Kthxbai!!


Nang :)

4 May 2010

Chocolate Lounge

Lately exam stress has been hitting me really hard, and I'm not the kind who does well studying at home because I'll always be in front of the laptop doing...well.. guess what I'm doing now instead of studying?????

Therefore my friends and I are always on the hunt for a nice cafe to just plonk our books down that has free wi-fi and study the whole afternoon away. Yes I can be hardworking when I want to be!!

I can't afford to always drink Starbucks and if I do splurge, I'm pretty much sick of Starbucks because too many people study there, its always overcrowded, and I've pretty much tried almost all the drinks there so I want something new!!

Suwen & I gave Chocolate Lounge a shot.


The ambience there is amazing. Good lighting plus there's hardly anyone there.

The prices are also around the price for a Starbuck, ranging from RM10-RM16.
Even if you get hungry they have loads of snacks & tib-bits to choose from!!


Suwen ordered hot Belgian milk-chocolate.

They have candles underneath that keeps your chocolate warm for a few hours. Absolutely lovely!!

I on the other hand, am an absolute HUGE fan of dark chocolate, as I can't take stuff that is too sweet, Especially when it comes to drinks.

Ordered a cold Belgian Dark-Chocolate Mocha drink.




Us being super kiam we snuck in buns from Breadstory coz its cheaper. LOL!!

Then... guess what, we saw a guy propose to his girlfriend that day!!

So romantic!!!!! Imagine proposing to someone while being surrounded by chocolate :D

But at the same time the image was kinda disturbing because the girl looked like she just finished high school and dressed liked one too @__@ .

But let's ignore this story. Its not related to my post.


PussyCat Dolls was here!!

Their range of chocolates



Our outfits that day:


Yay finally got to use my hairbow!!

Nang my hard work!