25 May 2010

DiGi Angels Party: Break Free with DiGi

I think smartphones are great.

No correction, in fact they are far better from great. I think their FANTASTIC, a GOD-SENT GIFT!!

I loved the introduction of the touchscreen, you've got a whole wide screen to look at instead of those ugly minuscule icons on those "dumphones".

And there's something really cool about 'using light touches to get your phone working' instead of always stabbing at the 'wrong buttons'. It makes you and your phone so much happier ;)

I've been using the ExpressMusic 5800 for quite a while, and I must say I don't think i'll ever be able to go back to using a non-touchscreen.

See its so gorgeous!!

Not only that, it has all the smartphone functions, you can check your hotmail wherever you are, twitter, facebook (a loud "YEAAAAAH!!") , lots of fun applications to download such as games, fun functions.

Its the best companion to have around whether you're alone or with friends.

But like they say in superhero movies,

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Which also means that you can't get all the good stuff for free.

Sometimes, I feel my smartphone is as obsolete as the first edition of 'dumphones'.

Firstly, I love having fake nails so having a touch screen can be a bitch,

Its daaamn effin horrible trying to type with long nails. People have asked me to use the stylus but then there's still the problem of getting my stylus out with my long nails!!!

But secondly, 90% of the smartphone functions are obsolete because it doesn't function unless you have internet connection.

Which ironically leads us to conclude that:

Smartphones = Dumbphones


However, with DiGi's new plan, get your smartphone on DiGi's latest smartplan to enjoy all its wonderful benefits!!

For a flat rate of rm68/month, enjoy unlimited internet on your phone wherever you go, and with DiGi's wide coverage you can go online anywhere in any part of Malaysia!!

Ok, so it won't solve my fake nails problem but hell, its at least one problem down!


I'd even dare say you're getting a better deal than the other plans available out there *looks elsewhere* . Just a hint. XD

So do head on over to your nearest DiGi outlet and get your subscriptions started, like RIGHT NOW!!!