31 December 2009

Picking out dresses

I can't believe I'm doing this at 3am!!!!!!!!

Got bored and suddenly decided I miss very much so I went over to their site to see what new stuff they have.


The First Date Dress

Hm...maybe a bit of a bore for a 1st date dress but its always better to play it safe? As long as it shows off curves I'm all for it!
I've always wanted to see myself wearing a nude dress but I've never gotten around to getting one. A bit afraid that I'd look a bit too totally nude (if you get my drift) since I'm tanned @_@ .

And don't you think that the peacock clutch is just simply amazing????????????

A Katy Perry Dress
Be a K.Perry

Sigh, she's one of my major fashion inspirations. I heart her quirkyness!!
I'm so totally in love with this dress!! SOO FUZZZY!! I've never had a fuzzy dress before!!

Did I mention the shoes? I absolutely love loud shoes though I have yet to get one as well. But my goodness not sure about wearing 4 inches. I've better go practice on stilts now.

The Night Out Dress

Glam Night to the Club

If I had to club in something daringly different I'd pick this one ^^
Aw, I purposely put in a 'black cab' coz it reminded me of my awsome clubbing days in UK. No club in Malaysia can ever,EVER top the UK ones :(

I don't understand the obsession with only house music in Malaysia clubs :(

Happy New Year

rock princess

I really really want biker gloves. I think they are so fuckin awsome.
Suwen's right I'm going through some rocker chick phase. HAHAHAHAAH!!

Rites then, I'm off to beddy bye. My head actually hurts >_<

like the title says .............HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

28 December 2009

Christmas outing with L4D teamates

A Christmas outing with my closest friends. We've saved the world together countless times from zombies, so sometimes we need a well-deserved break.

I won free tickets for ice skating so we planned our christmas dinner on the same date too :)

They were having an anime convention that day which was uber cool. My inner nerd came out, but because I no longer keep up with anime there were like 500 characters everywhere that I didn't recognize @_@


Super cool headphones!!!!!


HAHAHAHAHAH! I laughed like nobody's business when I saw him. Suwen asked whether he shaved his legs and he said "No!" . I went to the website he said he got his costume from (its a sexy lingerie shop. How ironic) and I saw that his made costume costed rm153!!! ridiculously expeeensive!!

Disney's Princesses!

No offence loh, but everyone kept asking me who this character was. This girl is seriously damn ugly (I'm still allowed to be bitchy till the end of this year) coz I guess that if you wanna dress up as a princess, everyone's gonna have the impression you MUST be beautiful okay. Took me a while to figure out "Oh! Its Ariel from the Little Mermaid!"

Not a good photo of me with Mario :(
Mario is actually a daddy! he came to the convention with his daughter, soooo cuuuutteee!!



Ripped leggings! So glad I listened to JoJo to buy 'em

Watcha lookin at????!!

Seriously, I am so envious of this guy's pink lollita dress.

I am so going as a lollita next year.


They look like dolls!

Then we headed off for a round of ice-skating

But aaarrrggghhh!! Pyramid Mall maintains the ice sooo badly!! The ice is all sloshy and there's puddles everywhere. I mean like, really huge gigantic water puddles on an ICE RINK!!

Sooo dangerous!! And farkin slippery I couldn't really enjoy myself. I just learnt how to skate backwards a few months back and I really wanted to practice. But the rink was just overcrowded & seeing water everywhere just makes me a tad nervous @_@


Then it was off to dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. YUMZ. OMG, I can't tell you how much i missed it!

Our theme that night was wear something Christmasy :D

This reindeer is absurdly hungry


Fuck Mistletoe, I'm kissing him now!

Our meals:

Fried calamari rings

Fish & Chips


Pan baked Dory Fish

Seafood platter

My fav: Flaming platter!

Ooops! Forgot to signal to Suwen to turn the other way!

Santy clause and his 3 reindeers. Is he SURE he still wants only one Mrs.Claus? :P

And the last pic of the day that made me laugh like some madwoman:



26 December 2009

Onwards to 2010!!

Lame jokes you can make on the 1st of January 2010:

1) The last time I took my bath was last year
2) The last time I went to shit was last year
3) Say to your friend you saw yesterday: OMG!!! The last time I saw you was last year! *screams*. (friend may then proceed to give u a good smack)

Lame jokes you can make on the 31st of December 2010:
1) I swear I'm gonna stop eating for the rest of the year. The diet starts today!!
2) I promise to be good this year. No more pranks....Honest.

The result of me and eiko-chan brainstorming wtf.

Ahh....its terrible. The start of yet another new year, I am certainly not looking forward to graduating!!! To be honest, I'm terribly scared of working life. I'm scared of what's gonna happen to me after graduation coz i'm certainly not going to do LAW if I can help it.

Putting those annoying worries aside, 2010 also means time to plan grand new year's resolutions!

1. Visit at least 1 island this year.


and maybe learn:
-swim with dolphins
-building a sandman.

2. Help Cascada create her dream-bra

3. Learn the guitar
Well.. I kinda learn the bass guitar on guitar heroes? XD
OKAAAYYY I admit I've been procrastinating!! I've said I wanted to learn it since 3 months ago and I haven't pulled a single string. Its gonna happen in 2010! I swear!

4. To blog more often
Okay, at least 5 post a month. no less!!

5. To be less bitchy next year. I have seriously got to learn to be a nicer person. Eh, stop coughing. I can hear you over at the other end going 'yeeaaaah riight'.

6. Devise the ultimate april fool prank. ZOMG I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Sigh..okay let's end at no.6. That's just way too many resolutions to fulfil in a year. Pheeww!!

21 December 2009

Bad service from Lea Oven

Don't you just hate horrible service?

I really despise it when I go into a restaurant and get EXTREMELY horrible service, like the waiter always getting your orders wrong, or the food takes too long to come, or when the waiter actual dares to snap back at you, and never ever says sorry.

The worst part is having to pay for the compulsory 10% 'service charge' when you think they totally DO NOT deserve even a single cent. Sigh, I miss UK, coz when you get bad service, you can easily complain to the manager, and opt not to pay the service charge.

Obviously from my title, I got shit service from this blog called Lea Oven. If you've bothered to click on the site, you can see she supposedly decorates her cupcakes beautifully, charging rm60 for a batch of them. She even gives classes. Apparently she's been in this business for a supposedly long time.

I'm copying this post from my bestie Suwen with a few edits. We got cupcakes for the birthday of two girls. Suwen had called 1 week in advance. She specified that the cupcakes had to have brown, pink and white; 2 cute girls; mint flavoured topping; and lastly, chocolate flavoured cupcakes.

She told her she would collect the cupcakes the next Saturday at 9.30pm.

On that day itself however, Suwen couldn't make it at 9.30pm and called Lea Oven saying that she wants the cupcakes earlier at 6.30pm if that's possible. She called Lea Oven that day at 9.30am.

12 hours is ample time wouldn't you say to bake a simple batch of cupcakes for a woman who is supposedly doing this for a business?

The conversation timeline went as follows:
9.30am: Lea Oven: "oh i still havent bake ur cupcakes yet! i have classes later...why not u give me a call before u arrive?"

Suwen called again around 4pm, 7 hours after the first call, and she said:

"i'm still having classes and i still havent bake ur cupcakes yet. i will give u a call after everything is done."

6pm: Lea Oven calles to say the cupcakes are ready.


Can you fuckin believe it. This looks like some kindergardener with A+ in art class drew all over the cupcakes. Would you pay Rm60 for this piece of shit???!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was suppose to be the birthday girl. Would you vomit blood all over your cupcake if YOU WERE the birthday girl?

Now let's flashback to what my friend requested for.

1. I don't see any brown or pink. She must be colourblind coz the only thing that's on the list is white.
2. The cupcakes were orange flavoured (coz suwen could smell a strong orange scent). Wow, Lea Oven must have her nostrils checked coz now she can't tell chocolate from orange flavours.
3. Wait a minute! There are 4 girls on the cupcakes! Didn't she ask for 2? Hm..... my goodness, we will have to go over pluses and minuses with her all over again.

The irony of it is that she could still count to RM60 for the cupcakes.

Obviously, Suwen was extremely upset. Her boyfriend called Lea Oven and asked her what happened?

She pushed the blame to them for informing her late and refuse to admit that it's her own fault.
besides, she also admitted that becoz she doesnt have time,
the cupcakes are all leftover cupcakes and she asked her students to simply scibble some stuff on it.

Qouting from Suwen's post:
so basically,
those cupcakes are not fresh and it's not even drawn by her.
good job seriously, good job.
and she dares to say tat it's not her fault.
Sha asked her if she would pay RM60 for cupcakes like this...she said she would!

In the end, they demanded for a full refund and she very reluctantly gave it back. And guess what? She didn't even apologize for the mistake. All she said was "Money refunded. Sorry for the miscommunication."

My opinion is, if you have rm60 and you want to buy cupcakes? Don't go there. Competition in the cupcake business is now fierce, you can easily find quality and good service elsewhere. Why go here?

13 December 2009

Zomg, foodie bling!

I've always been crazy about anything Japanese.

I buy loads of ViVi mags, and i'm starting to go crazy over everything that's cute and beautiful. I've even started to bling most of my gadgets! not yet hardcore thought but imma getting there...


Bleh. Now most of the gems have fallen out. Coz I don't use super glue, still damn sayang my phone.

You should see it when I 'start' the camera. When the circular lenses eject out its fuckin gorgeous!!

Guess what? Its my compact powder case!

But this one I kau kau cheat. I bought a ready-made set base, i.e all the hearts,crytals and pearls have all been readily arranged on this sticky sheet of paper. I just cut it out and smack it nicely on my compact case :D

(totally irrelevant with this post but I just wanna show off my uber cute new bedsheet! *loves*)

But I'm kinda bored of diamond blings. Like yea, they are nice but not really outstanding anymore since every single girl is now doing it. I'm now trying to search for....foodie bling!!






Looks like a lovely deceiving entree of gorgeous marzipans until......

Tadah! Compact case!



Seriously hor it makes you wanna gobble down all your stuff >_< href="">

The thing about all these weird deco stuff is that it is seriously TOO HARD to find them in Malaysia. Only can find them online or at CheeChongKai street which is a bitch because shops there are really really messy :(

9 December 2009

Dinner at Paris


Well, the last time I went Paris, I always had pretty shitty dinners.

I went with my whole family so we were pretty tight on our food budget. Its always like that everytime we travel somewhere expensive. Food's always the least that we seem to spend on!


Gawd, I'd love to have had a posh candlelight dinner in Paris (preferably not with my parents). Give me a yummy man with six-packs and ruggedly handsome to boot (this is MY dream so I get to write specifics!:P) to surprise me with a wonderful candlelight dinner for two in a nice restaurant!

Sigh. But I'm back in Malaysia, so 3 of us ended up settling for another form of Paris, a newer version.

One is ss2...
Photo taken from sixthseal

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! You know, the girl in white(pic below) thought we were going somewhere posh, what with a name like "New Paris". She dressed up to the 9's I tell ya. She was apparently preparing for a gorgeous steak dinner.

She nearly vomitted blood when she saw its a hawker food stall called 'Paris'. LOL! Omg, I still can't stop LOL-ing everytime I think about it till this day :D

Guiness Pork Ribs which was absolutely yum!

Watermelon chicken.

At first hor, when I first saw this dish I was a tad confused. Why did they put watermelon balls with chicken? Is it supposed to be eaten together?

Oh I know what you're thinking. I did try eating the BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER.
It sounds as awful as you think it is.

Now I've happily deduced that the watermelon is just a side dish meant to be the 'dessert'. I know some of you probably were smart enough to have figured it out earlier. But I bet some of you would have tried it the way I did!!!


With dear Selina ^^

Had my hair done up in a Korean style that day!

I'm damn obssessed with trying out and experimenting new hairstyles these days! *loves*

But I cheated for the back. My hair is pretty heavily layered so it kept falling out everywhere despite the many many bobby pins I used. My skills are still awful. Gotta keep practising.

I digress: I HATE MY LANDLORD!! I swear imma gonna move out soon due to unfair terms and conditions. He is charging me waaaay too much rental for such this shitty place. The last straw is when I saw that the exact room I'm renting is going for rm70 cheaper in the same block of apartments! I have seen about 4 other apartments advertising the same price. And my landlord is seriously such an A-Hole I fuckin swear I can't take it anymore.