21 December 2009

Bad service from Lea Oven

Don't you just hate horrible service?

I really despise it when I go into a restaurant and get EXTREMELY horrible service, like the waiter always getting your orders wrong, or the food takes too long to come, or when the waiter actual dares to snap back at you, and never ever says sorry.

The worst part is having to pay for the compulsory 10% 'service charge' when you think they totally DO NOT deserve even a single cent. Sigh, I miss UK, coz when you get bad service, you can easily complain to the manager, and opt not to pay the service charge.

Obviously from my title, I got shit service from this blog called Lea Oven. If you've bothered to click on the site, you can see she supposedly decorates her cupcakes beautifully, charging rm60 for a batch of them. She even gives classes. Apparently she's been in this business for a supposedly long time.

I'm copying this post from my bestie Suwen with a few edits. We got cupcakes for the birthday of two girls. Suwen had called 1 week in advance. She specified that the cupcakes had to have brown, pink and white; 2 cute girls; mint flavoured topping; and lastly, chocolate flavoured cupcakes.

She told her she would collect the cupcakes the next Saturday at 9.30pm.

On that day itself however, Suwen couldn't make it at 9.30pm and called Lea Oven saying that she wants the cupcakes earlier at 6.30pm if that's possible. She called Lea Oven that day at 9.30am.

12 hours is ample time wouldn't you say to bake a simple batch of cupcakes for a woman who is supposedly doing this for a business?

The conversation timeline went as follows:
9.30am: Lea Oven: "oh i still havent bake ur cupcakes yet! i have classes later...why not u give me a call before u arrive?"

Suwen called again around 4pm, 7 hours after the first call, and she said:

"i'm still having classes and i still havent bake ur cupcakes yet. i will give u a call after everything is done."

6pm: Lea Oven calles to say the cupcakes are ready.


Can you fuckin believe it. This looks like some kindergardener with A+ in art class drew all over the cupcakes. Would you pay Rm60 for this piece of shit???!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was suppose to be the birthday girl. Would you vomit blood all over your cupcake if YOU WERE the birthday girl?

Now let's flashback to what my friend requested for.

1. I don't see any brown or pink. She must be colourblind coz the only thing that's on the list is white.
2. The cupcakes were orange flavoured (coz suwen could smell a strong orange scent). Wow, Lea Oven must have her nostrils checked coz now she can't tell chocolate from orange flavours.
3. Wait a minute! There are 4 girls on the cupcakes! Didn't she ask for 2? Hm..... my goodness, we will have to go over pluses and minuses with her all over again.

The irony of it is that she could still count to RM60 for the cupcakes.

Obviously, Suwen was extremely upset. Her boyfriend called Lea Oven and asked her what happened?

She pushed the blame to them for informing her late and refuse to admit that it's her own fault.
besides, she also admitted that becoz she doesnt have time,
the cupcakes are all leftover cupcakes and she asked her students to simply scibble some stuff on it.

Qouting from Suwen's post:
so basically,
those cupcakes are not fresh and it's not even drawn by her.
good job seriously, good job.
and she dares to say tat it's not her fault.
Sha asked her if she would pay RM60 for cupcakes like this...she said she would!

In the end, they demanded for a full refund and she very reluctantly gave it back. And guess what? She didn't even apologize for the mistake. All she said was "Money refunded. Sorry for the miscommunication."

My opinion is, if you have rm60 and you want to buy cupcakes? Don't go there. Competition in the cupcake business is now fierce, you can easily find quality and good service elsewhere. Why go here?


  1. she sux big time! =(
    we are so goin to cuppacakes next time. total waste of time and effort.

  2. Oh thats shit! Especially the part where she didn't apologise, but pushed the blame on u all as well. Fucking smart move. Now she put u girls on a mission to bad mouth her business.

    Well done, well done.
    *clap clap clap*


  3. we must continue to defame! DEFAME I TELL YOU!!

  4. yea man. bad service = your own fault = lose business.