9 December 2009

Dinner at Paris


Well, the last time I went Paris, I always had pretty shitty dinners.

I went with my whole family so we were pretty tight on our food budget. Its always like that everytime we travel somewhere expensive. Food's always the least that we seem to spend on!


Gawd, I'd love to have had a posh candlelight dinner in Paris (preferably not with my parents). Give me a yummy man with six-packs and ruggedly handsome to boot (this is MY dream so I get to write specifics!:P) to surprise me with a wonderful candlelight dinner for two in a nice restaurant!

Sigh. But I'm back in Malaysia, so 3 of us ended up settling for another form of Paris, a newer version.

One is ss2...
Photo taken from sixthseal

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! You know, the girl in white(pic below) thought we were going somewhere posh, what with a name like "New Paris". She dressed up to the 9's I tell ya. She was apparently preparing for a gorgeous steak dinner.

She nearly vomitted blood when she saw its a hawker food stall called 'Paris'. LOL! Omg, I still can't stop LOL-ing everytime I think about it till this day :D

Guiness Pork Ribs which was absolutely yum!

Watermelon chicken.

At first hor, when I first saw this dish I was a tad confused. Why did they put watermelon balls with chicken? Is it supposed to be eaten together?

Oh I know what you're thinking. I did try eating the BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER.
It sounds as awful as you think it is.

Now I've happily deduced that the watermelon is just a side dish meant to be the 'dessert'. I know some of you probably were smart enough to have figured it out earlier. But I bet some of you would have tried it the way I did!!!


With dear Selina ^^

Had my hair done up in a Korean style that day!

I'm damn obssessed with trying out and experimenting new hairstyles these days! *loves*

But I cheated for the back. My hair is pretty heavily layered so it kept falling out everywhere despite the many many bobby pins I used. My skills are still awful. Gotta keep practising.

I digress: I HATE MY LANDLORD!! I swear imma gonna move out soon due to unfair terms and conditions. He is charging me waaaay too much rental for such this shitty place. The last straw is when I saw that the exact room I'm renting is going for rm70 cheaper in the same block of apartments! I have seen about 4 other apartments advertising the same price. And my landlord is seriously such an A-Hole I fuckin swear I can't take it anymore.



  1. Eh, LOVE New Paris! The food is fast and nice. Can finish a meal within 30 minutes without rushing, lols!

  2. WaLau u sapu finish everything so fast? LOL! but yes the service is damn speedy!