1 February 2012

Etude House Blusher

Bought this coz its on sale and I've run out of blusher. My face is has a light tan, so I really advice people with similiar skin to go for a light pink blusher as opposed to a darker blusher as it will only make your face look dull (believe me I've tried)

This one is pretty good, its pink colour is not too overwhelming on the cheeks .

Photobucket This colour shade is labeled as : #3: Pink Girl Fit

In fact, its on offer now for only RM26 (its about U$ 4.20?)

  PhotobucketThe super cute pattern on the blusher before I've completely wrecked it from constant usage

  Le self-vain pic of me after applying the blusher (don't worry, the photoshop effect I put on is still the same colour tone blusher in real life)

Anyway, I can't resist but........


Found a picture of my friend's Buddha Cat in my camera! I think a think for obese animals, I just wanna roll them over everytime I see one (but this kitty is FIERCE)

Don't you think the picture is very 9gag worthy?

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