31 August 2007

Happy National Day

La-Dee-dah! I just got a call from my future employer, and I've gotten my first waitressing job this Saturday! ^_^. The pay is not very high, since i'm a part-timer. So he said that if I work the full day, I get RM 50, or alternatively, I could work per hour at RM3.50. But hey, whose complaining when the KFC in Miri only pays their workers (who have to work their assess off!) for only RM2.30 an hour???

Have you ever wondered how do women dressed in the burkha ever go swimming when they go the beach or a resort pool?

They're not allowed to take off their burkha because they can't show any skin even if they go into the water. Maybe that's why their husbands just leaves them on the shore to take care of his 32 children while he goes off for a dip in the sea.

Recently, I read in Marie Clarie that designer Ahiida, an Australian muslim came out with the perfect design... the burkini!
I wasn't used to it at first and kept laughing my ass off when I saw it, but after a while, it just looks kinda OK.

24 August 2007


This afternoon I went to change my home phone at Telekom caused it conked out a month ago.

I really don't get it how come Telekom so nice wan, let us exchange our old phones for a brand new one free of charge?

They even had a whole pile of old phones in a box at the exchange counter.

Starnews asia (a news broadcasting network) said that Vietnam just got electricity ten years ago. I mean like, TEN YEARS AGO only nya?? Woah!!

Daddy ah, can give add more candles? I'm trying to study for my law finals here..hello?!!

And paper fans must have sold really well there since there were no air-cons and electric fans in those days.
Ok, enough about Vietnam. Did you know, that by switching off those electric lights every time you go out of the room actually saves more money than leaving it on? The myth here (yes, I've been watching Mythbusters) was that the initial electric burst of energy that is required to start up a light bulb is so much, that to keep having to switch on and off the switch will cost much much more so it is just better to leave the lights on.


It still saves money to turn off your light switches everytime you leave your room. True, there will be an initial burst of energy everytime you turn a switch on, but that burst of energy is so slight, that it really does not make up for the cost of leaving your lights on, even for an hour.
Whew. I sound like a walking encyclopedia today.

23 August 2007

Log Cabin

Went pass this place in Miri..

Seriously, why do you need this in Malaysia? Is it some ang-moh fantasy this guy had when he was a kid to live in a log cabin? In the middle of a HOUSING ESTATE? He'll be lucky if he survives Malaysian termites. But on a brighter note, it is sure a good looking house.

18 August 2007

New hair

Egad... I just got my hair cut at this new saloon. I was telling the hairdresser, "I want to change my hairstyle, can you give me something new?"

Me and my big mouth.

She was then trying to explain to me this certain hairstyle that she had in mind (which is very kind of her, since most of them just throw a book in your direction and ask you to pick your own hairstyle!). I really didn't get it and she was ," You know what? I'll just do it temporarily for you and you just see whether you like it."

This is my hair before the haircut:

She spent over an hour over my hair, straightening it, pulling it, PERMING it. And this is the end result of my hair.....

A very confused 10 times lala-fied version of myself

This hair is big enough to get between me and Tiong How on our dates.

The hairdressers loved it on me so much, but I'm not really loving 'ME" right now...

I don't know, I just really this hair isn't me and I'm not going to keep it... and can you believe it?? They still only charged me RM10 even after spending an hour on my hair just caused I said I'm a student. I will most probably go back to that same saloon, but no more big poofy hair!

14 August 2007


Received this from a fwd email from a friend. This place looks too cool to pass. To any of my friends who are going to KL, or who are already in KL, let's all go check this place out sometime soon!
Its a bar located somewhere in KL near Isetan (according to the details) but I'm still murky as to where it is.

I just hope that it'll be clean......water left out like that can get algae.....

9 August 2007

Court house

Gabriel, one of the partners in the law firm I'm working for brought me an another attachee to the Magistrates Court in Miri.

When we went in, the trial had already started halfway.

And wow! I tell you, so exciting man! The witness was screaming at the accused "I SAW YOU DID IT! I SAW YOU!!"

and the accused was like " YOU B*TCH!! You F*KIN LIAR!!"

The judge was trying to calm things down, saying "Order dalam court! DENGAR!! DENGAR!! (hear!, hear!)"

Ok, I'm also F*ckin lying. My work life is BORING so I needed something to spice things up on my blog. What Gabriel actually went there to do is to declare a bankruptcy report and plead that his client could not come today. That's it. And within 5 minutes, he was done, Ka Peesh, we leave the court.
Gabriel however, was also kind enough to show us to the auction house that is also somewhere within one of the rooms in the Courthouse. In the auction house, there will be one auctioneer, and he auctions of property, for land rights, houses, and shoplots.

Unfortunately being Malaysia, our auctions aren't exactly very 'honest'. There is already a collateral between the all other bidders to bid for ONLY the minimum price. For example, I say to you, another fellow bidder "I will give you RM1000 to not participate in this bid."

An auction like this is suppose to benefit the house owner, by selling it to the highest bidder. Instead, with this 'collateral' amongst bidders, he will only be able to sell his property for the minimum price.

Sad for them, but lucky new house owners.

Just another vicious cycle of life.

6 August 2007

First attachment

My family bought Vetmaster dog biscuits, and seeing my doggies gobble them up like its the best thing in the world....makes me wonder.... do they really taste that great?

Oooh! And those really meaty meat in Pedigree cans, when you first open up the cans, that strong whiff of meat smell comes out? those smell pretty darn good too.

Dare I try some? I mean like, dogs enjoy a lot of the food we eat too..... right?


Ssssoooooooooo............ as I was was my first day of... *uggggh* free labour. Ok ok, attachment. My mom hooked me up with a local law firm for a two week attachment because she wanted to see my butt of my chair and my eyes off Sims 2.

But it all actuallity, it wasn't so bad. Since my mom knew them personally, the partners of the firm themselves were willing to teach me face-t0-face, about land ownership, divorce matters, and they even sent their clerk to bring me to the land law office.

I also drafted my first ever divorce consent!! well, ok, its not suppose to be a good thing to draft someone else's divorce... but but... its still my first ever legal work.

Ok, I'm already bored with work. I'm already hoping I can stop work tomorrow.

But anything is wayyyy better than dealing with screaming sweet-faced-8-year-olds, right Tracy??

1 August 2007


Recognize this? Its just your average-joe corn kernel. But what can you do with it after finishing off all the corn? A normal average-joe would also just dispose of it in his/her average dustbin.

But not my family.

Oh no, we have another very special use for this, perhaps you can call it 'recyclable'. We use its valuable nutrients to sustain yet another valuable life.

Our Dog

Somehow our furry little friends seems to have developed a liking eating corn kernels.