27 February 2008


Cosplay is when hard-core anime fans come together and dress up like their favourite anime characters.

I used to dislike cosplay, as I found most of the cosplay fans put the anime character to shame with their unauthentic wig, the hideous sewn together costume, and wads and wads of styrofoam that is supposed to be... well... their weapons????!!

Its photos like these that just really kill the mood. Corny and low quality!!!

But I found a group on that brings cosplay to a wholly new level, using fantastic photography skills, great angles, and finally, realistic looking anime characters!!

Check out the artwork of behindinfinity @ ;>

Naruto & Gang

Sakura & Sasuke



" L" from DeathNote


Alice in Wonderland

Do pop by to see some of their cool stuff. They do put their excellent photography skills to other stuff too aside from cosplay ^^

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