18 February 2008

What's the commotion?

Was peacefully eating McDonald's apple pie & chocotop with Su wen at McD's just now when there was this malay girl running over to her group of friends who sat opposite us shouting, "WAH!! ADA BOMB ADA BOMB!!" (for melvyn it means: GOT BOMB GOT BOMB!!)

Su wen and I actually stopped eating to see what was happening, and we took some photos of the HUGE commotion nearby


There was a crowd where all INTI college students were ordered to evacuate the building


The police at the scene ( they all look blur blur)


Taking out the 'yellow tape'

Turns out according to my friend's friend, someone brought over a bag with a bomb inside. And its inside the school somewhere. Not sure how true the rumours are. Su wen was joking "wah! INTI so sad!!! just built the new 10 floor building (which has been undergoing construction for nearly a year) and now the bomb is going to destroy it! hohohooho!!!"

sadistic. hahaha!

Aiyah, got bomb also, still got time cam-whore lah!

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