26 September 2007


Obviously I went to watch that Rat Movie everyone's been raaaving about. And its lived up to all its hype. The animations and special effects are great, especially camera angles and dialogue can make you laugh till you pee in your pants. Figuratively speaking of course.

Seeing however, a legion of rats scrambling into a clean kitchen made Tracy and I go "eeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyeeeerrrr!!!!" during certain parts of the movie. Nyahahaha! Thanks for the movie Aaron~!

Our spoof of Jay Chou's latest movie, "Secret". We definitely look better than the original cast!

24 September 2007

Four-eyed freak

This post is dedicated to my friend, called four-eyed freak.

I got closer to her in Form 4 back in high school. She's damn fantastic. She can shoot red lasers out of her eyes hence the nickname * in a booming hero commentator voice* "The Four-Eyed Freak!"

Kidding kidding!

I called her that coz she wears glasses. I know, damn lame. But when she nicknamed me a 'mosquito', I really couldn't think of any other comeback except that and now its already written in history.

I had to dedicate this whole post to her just because she wrote this one line on her blog

"missing my childhood friends as well.. and a particular mosquito too of course. haha! Mosquito! I love you too! "

You're a really great friend, you irritatingly fair-skinned woman despite your passion for sports under the sun. Miss you lots too buddy! Lets go for more badminton when you come back again for the summer hols ^_^

And I know how much you adore hearts and flowers *cough**NOT!**cough* so this is for you!(sorry, I have to do this on paint as I have no idea how to use photoshop):

18 September 2007

Dumb Penguins

Mother Penguin: Oh nooo!!! My baby!!!
Big Brother Penguin: I'll save him.
Orca: Yummy...two deserts.
Father Penguin: Nooo!!!You fools!

17 September 2007


You stupid stupid dog!! I hate you soo much right now BOBBBYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of you, I now cannot watch my ASTRO Cable!! How dare you chew up the wires??? I am stuck at home 24 hours a day, and you had to CHEW the cable wires!! What did I do to you?? Ok, so maybe I gave you dinner a little later than your usual dinner time yesterday but that's about it!! How could you have taken revenge by depriving me of my ASTRO?!!!!!


13 September 2007


After having three previous post all on Friday, I swored that's this one won't be on a Friday again.

I went to play badminton with Lynda, Tracy, and Aaron. To be straight out honest, I am probably one of the suckiest sport partners you will ever find, in fact, with this information in mind, not many sports-loving people would like to call me up when it comes to that 'we need an extra team player....'

But being the kind loving and lethargic Tracy she is, I was fortunately asked out to play badminton. Thank you God as well for giving me someone as equally badminton handicapped as me, Aaron. I'll never forget how we lost against the Tracy-Lynda team 9-21. Gorgeous, absolute, defeat.

After working up a lot of sweat an hour later all four of us went out for cendol than a nice lunch at 9 to 5, though Lynda went back before then.

Aaron looks like someone is tickling his toes underneath the table

Tracy & Aaron

All 3 of us together!

Obviously I won't be showing sweaty pictures of me in my badminton poses. I'd give men nosebleeds. LOL! Just kidding guys. *wink*

Tracy later helped me dyed my boring black hair a beautiful reddish brown! I love diy home-dyes. Their always less than half of the cost of what you have to pay at a salon. Aaron got in on the whole hair dye craze too and dyed his hair brown as well! I can imagine his mom saying "I thought you went off to play badminton this morning?! How in the world did you come home with brown hair?"

7 September 2007

Marina Bay

There's this place in Miri called the Marina Bay, where only expats or rich asians dock their yatchs. And only once a year, does this 'exclusive' bay opens its gates to the public to watch the annual International Yatch Competition,the starting point is in Lawas, Sarawak, and the end point Marina Bay itself.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch the competition itself.

But I did manage to take pictures of them at the dock. Is it enough?

the yellow flags are my proud Sarawak flags

A yatch-shaped compass. So cute!

Apparently, according to the architect its suppose to be a pregnant seahorse lighthouse.