24 September 2007

Four-eyed freak

This post is dedicated to my friend, called four-eyed freak.

I got closer to her in Form 4 back in high school. She's damn fantastic. She can shoot red lasers out of her eyes hence the nickname * in a booming hero commentator voice* "The Four-Eyed Freak!"

Kidding kidding!

I called her that coz she wears glasses. I know, damn lame. But when she nicknamed me a 'mosquito', I really couldn't think of any other comeback except that and now its already written in history.

I had to dedicate this whole post to her just because she wrote this one line on her blog

"missing my childhood friends as well.. and a particular mosquito too of course. haha! Mosquito! I love you too! "

You're a really great friend, you irritatingly fair-skinned woman despite your passion for sports under the sun. Miss you lots too buddy! Lets go for more badminton when you come back again for the summer hols ^_^

And I know how much you adore hearts and flowers *cough**NOT!**cough* so this is for you!(sorry, I have to do this on paint as I have no idea how to use photoshop):

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