28 January 2012

Penang Oh Penang! : Straits Quay

Straits Quay (pronounced as Straits Kee, I know, I'm super chinese, I keep going kuay, kuay. English can sometimes be a super confusing language =___=)

Went there not too long ago with the boyfriend around Christmas time. It was my second trip down to Penang in a year, I really love Penang a lot! Its just got this awesome uniqueness about it blending the olden 19th century days and even the newer architecture is always trying to relieve and keep true to the 19th century. In a nutshell, its an absolutely vintage town in our 21stcentury :)

We went there for dinner at ate at this place called 'BellaMarino", a middle range italian restaurant that serves pretty decent italian food :)

Lagsana and my seafood pasta respectively

Then, Ed & I passed by this little treasure in Straits Quay called "Sugar":

A bit of a backlog post that should have been up around Christmas time. OH WELL!!

We were standing at the entrance of Straits Quay in this picture. There is actually a gorgeous Marina Bay behind with a lighthouse as well, with boats parked at their bays but I totally forgot to take in a single picture (FML) .

Anyhoo, this place is really worth a visit if you do drop by Penang, Malaysia.

Much Love!

18 January 2012


Been having a pretty ''meh'' life lately, its mostly been about work, work, work, weird shit that happened to me last weekend, and then its bad to that vicious cycle that always seem to start on monday. I wish I could find a job I'm totally in love in and can't wait to spring out of bed to get to my second favourite place in the world :D

Still, there are snippets randomly showing up during the week which I absolutely love. Celebrated my best friend's 25th birthday just last weekend. How time flies!!

We had it at this little italian restaurant called ''italian tomato''. Its still relatively new and rather empty located along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. This lil thing ain't getting enough attention! Food and atmosphere is actually pretty great, I really highly recommend their pizza's which I think if big enough for two :)

Knew about this site from this link

My Sangria <3 RM29

Very awesome salmon pasta , RM25? 

I had the brinjal pasta which was on offer, but I must say, it needs a lot of room for improvement :( lacks flavour., RM20

forgot to take a picture, but a friend of mine ordered this after reading the site and we all ABSOLUTELY LOVE this lamb shank. RM38.90 I think. 

the birthday girl's cake!

Spot the birthday girl *rolls eyes if you can't* 

This pic is so chio. I love our hair colour (though I admit mine does need a lot of re-touching). We look like we're in ViVi magazine *tears*

I promise I'd update a lot sooner with more reviews soon. Gotta buck up for 2012! 

11 January 2012

Baviphat Magic Girl BB Cream

A friend of a friend recommended this Baviphat's range of BB creams as they are apparently really good and does wonders for make up. 

These are now available only in a few Watson Stores retailing at RM69.90 (U$ 20+ish) . It's not cheap, but its not overtly expensive either. 

I bought the product coz it contains collagen T^T . I know, I'm hitting 25 this year so I'm starting to get super paranoid and concerned about sagging skin. 

In addition, it comes with the usual SPF 30++ and some whitening agents. 

I can't read much of the other instructions coz its all in korean, so far I've been using it for nearly a month now. 

Isn't the packaging just mad adorable? 

It has a rather thick liquid consistency, but still spreads rather easily across the face. My makeup does stay on longer (as it usually does with most BB creams). But am I a fan of it? Not so to be honest. 

Maybe because it has whitening agents in it, it doesn't blend with my natural skin colour as most BB creams usually do. I usually end up with a bit of a two-tone face after applying this, and I needed to buy a darker tone face powder to counter this effect. I'm not very fair either, so it really doesn't help that I'm using this product as well. I guess its my own fault as I bought it knowing that it had whitening agents in it. But I'd definitely recommend this product though for girls who are pretty fair-skinned :) 

Overall its not bad, it does a great job ensuring my skin looks peachy, elastic, and pore-free. But I won't buy this again as its not really suitable with my skin colour and it only comes in one-colour tone. 

2 January 2012

Japanese Facial Mask from 100yen store

Recently, I just bought this face mask that I've been seeing in ViVi Magazines since 2010 (I know right, I can hardly believe it meself that its already 2012!! When I woke up the next morning it was already next year. LOLOLOL. Ok lame joke albeit a truestory ^^ ) 

Unfortunately this is not available at every 100yen store outlet, and so far I've only seen this in the Kuchai Lama outlet. There are loads of other different mask to choose from, for only RM4.90 (which is probably US: $ 1.5)

I can't read much japanese so I don't really know what's going on with this product, neither can I tell you its name in japanese  T^T (fail) . But from the chinese explanation written at the back of it, according to a friend, it means that the product supposedly makes your skin soft and supple and all the usual promises facial products promise their customers. 

I have sensitive skin, so this works fine with me. After using it, I find that its pretty refreshing, and my skin does feel a lot less dry and more supple. However, it does absolutely nothing for my pores.

Would I recommend this product? Certainly, especially those who have a problem with dry skin. But I wouldn't really buy this again as I've got a facial mask brand I've already been using for the past 1 year and it does wonders for my skin, therefore I won't be switching to this product anytime soon.

(PS if anyone could read japanese it would be great if you could translate the name of this product for me!) much love!