18 January 2012


Been having a pretty ''meh'' life lately, its mostly been about work, work, work, weird shit that happened to me last weekend, and then its bad to that vicious cycle that always seem to start on monday. I wish I could find a job I'm totally in love in and can't wait to spring out of bed to get to my second favourite place in the world :D

Still, there are snippets randomly showing up during the week which I absolutely love. Celebrated my best friend's 25th birthday just last weekend. How time flies!!

We had it at this little italian restaurant called ''italian tomato''. Its still relatively new and rather empty located along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. This lil thing ain't getting enough attention! Food and atmosphere is actually pretty great, I really highly recommend their pizza's which I think if big enough for two :)

Knew about this site from this link

My Sangria <3 RM29

Very awesome salmon pasta , RM25? 

I had the brinjal pasta which was on offer, but I must say, it needs a lot of room for improvement :( lacks flavour., RM20

forgot to take a picture, but a friend of mine ordered this after reading the site and we all ABSOLUTELY LOVE this lamb shank. RM38.90 I think. 

the birthday girl's cake!

Spot the birthday girl *rolls eyes if you can't* 

This pic is so chio. I love our hair colour (though I admit mine does need a lot of re-touching). We look like we're in ViVi magazine *tears*

I promise I'd update a lot sooner with more reviews soon. Gotta buck up for 2012! 


  1. italian tomato is a good place for celebration! :) seriously a good recommendation

    Latest: Baba and Nyonya Authenticity

  2. owh! u've tried the place too? I'm definitely going back for seconds ;)

  3. Oooh hello there! Came via your link to my blog. :) glad to see you enjoyed this restaurant! :)

    Have a good day! And happy Chinese new year in advance :)

  4. Thx for dropping by! Hope having an awesome ine as well :)

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  6. omgosh i love sangria. me and my gfs have a fave spot we go to to catch up and we just drink jugs of sangria until we get silly. hehe

    in regards to your meh-ness i can relate. I have moments in my life where I feel this way as well. Everything feels so dreadful. But what I realized is that those kinds of "meh" moments happen bcos the Universe is trying to tell you something. Be curious enough to find out what that is. find out what your passions are and what your talents are and follow it. it might lead you down the rabbit hole, but hey - that's what makes life exciting. If you're not happy in your current situation then perhaps its time to change something about it =) u have the ability to.

  7. T^T aw thinks misscindee~~! Yea I guess right now this is my point in life and apparently a few of my friends already went thru it as well. Imma gonna try n pick up other things to do to see what else I can be passionate abt :D