13 November 2010

If I had Rapunzel's Hair

Ironically, the year 2010 has been the year I've done the most things with my hair.

I've had it coloured numerous times, curled, cut, etc, you name it I've done it all already!! Coz you know why???


They say ''clothes make a person'', but so does hair!! Its even recommended to change your hairstyle every 2-3 years to keep your face looking fresh & young. It prevents boring looking photos as well, I mean like imagine if you had the same boring black shoulder length hair from 2000 - 2009, I mean like fuck, you wouldn't be able to tell what year you took that photo in if you didn't watermark a date!!!

Back to my point, this post is made in conjunction with Disney's latest Princess movie,


Its an animated movie of Rapunzel, a woman with 70 feet of long lusterous blonde hair locked up in a magical tower, waiting for a prince to rescue her...... NOT. In fact, its actually a hair-raising adventure of her escape from the tower with a thief who accidentally breaks in, not knowing what's in store for him.

The movie sounds so fun already!!!

I'm just gonna post the few pictures of drastic changes I've done to my hair. The first would be to cut off my long, tangled (geddit geddit???ok fine I'm annoying) , dry hair.

To this!!
I'm so loving short hair right now. You can't believe the amount of shampoo and hair mask I've managed to save!

Hell, I even went a notch blonder with DIY hair dye, a post that you can read here.
(bad face picture of me, but great hair colour)

What would I do if I had 70 feet of long magical blonde hair ????

First thing I'd do is chop it off, and make it into numerous wigs. Can you imagine, every week I can go out with a new different hair??

Long Blonde Hair?

Or a short blonde bob?

Long hair but not blonde?

The list can go on forever!!

And who else has long blonde, outlandish hair that I can copy? Why , Lady GaGa!!

Oh good lord I forgot my hair was magical as well. If that's the case, imagine, doing household chores will be done 5000 times faster since they could all be done at once.

Its like Mickey in Fantasia where he enchanted all the brooms to do work for him!!

It'd be a great idea for Halloween as well. I can easily go as Sadako (if i dye it black) and use it too spook out innocent candy-loving children by quietly using my hair to trip them over. They will never know what hit them!! Mwaaaahahahahahahhahaahahahahaha.

(**awesome fan pic of someone else as Sadako**)

Unfortunately, all that's fictional S-I-G-H.

I think I'd make a terrible Rapunzel if I ever was one.

Watch the trailer:

8 November 2010

New Hair Colour by Revlon

I read from STYLE.SUZI that home DIY blonde hair will NOT make your hair turn blonde thanks to our very dark hair colour.

So I decided to risk it since I'm pretty much sick of my dark chocolate brown hair but was too broke to get a professional dye job.

Here we go!!

Bought Revlon Blonde since it claims to not have ammonia (rm22.90)

Last few pictures of me in black/dark brown hair.

Close up of my hair pre-dyed!

What's in the box

Me looking like an idiot with newspaper on my shoulders. Its a much easier option that having to use an old towel, albeit effin fugly.

Its my bestie in the background helping me dye my hair!!

After washing & conditioning, its time to blow dry to bring out the colours properly

semi-dry coloured hair.

How it really looks like in real-life (taken yesterday)

I've got to say, I really do love how the colour turned out!! Be warned though, I've noticed that dying a lighter colour makes your hair extremely dry despite using intensive conditioner. I had to do hair mask every week just to keep my hair from being too dry!