26 October 2010

Dear Blog

Sorry I've been ignoring you. A lot of unhappy things have been happening to me of late. I'm still very much jobless after applying for 2 months plus, my relationship hasn't been peachy at all because of all the stress involved, and I'm pretty much counting my last pennies in my already torn-up wallet.

Not to mentioned I failed a stupid license exam that I have been studying for a year, further adding to my parents pressure for a job and I'm constantly reminded of their disappointment in me.

------I must remind myself to steal Lillian Too's water fountain and Jade collection-----------

I must say starting Monday this week though, things have been looking up for me. I got myself a part-time job in the meantime to earn some side income, I've gotten two interviews lined up for next week, and I'm glad my parents were still kind enough to sponsor me a car which is arriving soon.

Fingers crossed I do hope I find a new path in life!



  1. haih. tell me about it. T^T

  2. you're not in this alone, i can assure you that.