30 October 2011

BB cream reviews: Etude house & Kiss Me

I think I'm gonna move my blog to include make-up reivews from now on because I really feel that Malaysia has hardly anyone giving reviews on make up you can find in Watsons and Guardian which can be a real BITCH.

I do keep trying to find reviews for certain products but sometimes it's really hard as I know there's just such a wide span of make up its hard to review every single one. And its a real put-downer when you've been eyeing that makeup off the counter for ages, paid rm50 for it and only to find out the damn thing doesn't work =___= 

Coz let's face it, stuff you buy and try on the spot always looks a lot better than when you decide to bring it back home. 

So here's by review on the popular BB cream that's been going around a lot lately. 

Tbh, I LOOOVEEEEE BB creams. I think their God's gift to womanfolk. I started using it 2 years ago after my friend intro-ed to me, and I did notice that my pimples are a lot smaller and fewer. My skin had less freckles since I was wearing a thick layer of SPF everyday which is an ingredient in BB creams. 

Etude House was my first ever BB cream

Photobucket Its got a lovely, creamy texture and covers up flaws extremely well. The only downside is that I have combination skin, so after a few hours my forehead and nose area tend to get a little oily which is annoying as I have to touch up often. It probably might work better on someone who has dry skin coz my friend doesn't have this problem at all.

Cost is reasonable as well (during sales). I got this at half price for only RM30. After the Etude House BB cream finished, I tried using Japan's BB cream called ''KISS ME: Heroine make-up''. The tag-line is damn cute, saying that a heroin must always look good no matter through rain or shine, her makeup must stay on.

H Bought at Watsons for RM55. Overall though, I do prefer Kiss Me coz even though I'd have to admit the coverage isn't as fantastic as Etude House's BB cream, at least it doesn't leave me with an oil-coated forehead after 3 hours. Such a turn off!!!! Plus, the texture is a lot more liquid that Etude House BB which is much more suitable for my skin type. Photobucket

After layering all that BB cream on, I usually put on powder to ''set'' the BB cream. This is so that your BB cream can last A LOT longer. I'm now trying out this brand called Essence Photobucket This brand was dirt cheap for me for only RM14, its a hell of a bargain. However, you do get what you pay for.


Note, it is loose powder, so I have to buy one of those big makeup brushes to apply it on. I felt the powder wasn't ''fine'' enough as if I put a wee too much that day, it tends to make my face look a tad too powdery. Overall, not bad, but I wouldn't exactly buy this again despite the price as the coverage isn't that fantastic. 

Erm, forgot to include this beforehand (hey, its my first thorough make up post) , I apply concealer on my undereyebags. I use Kate (Japan) concealer. Photobucket I I have serious badass eyebags like BIG time, but unfortunately this concealer hard does help if at all :( Here is a picture of me after applying BB cream, concealer, and loose powder.

I know this post is crazy long but I hope its been a tad bit of help to some of you at least! :)

24 October 2011

cutesy stuff from Japan

bought these at Miffplus @ ss15 Subang Jaya quite a while ago. I'm a sucker for all useless and cute stuff you get from Japan. These are actually ''keychains'' and other numerous thing you get when you play the egg-machine game. You'd never know what you might end up getting!

This was RM10, original series of Mickeymouse shaped food :)


This was Selina''s, got hers at RM20. Little Twin stars are super rare for you fans out there


We had no idea what we might get!!!


Yay!! pancake mickey mouse!!!!!!


The other collection in the series. I think mine's the best but if I had gotten the ''crepe'' would be equally happy as well :)


so effin real I feel like I can almost taste the butter