20 April 2010

The Kontiki

The hot afternoon sun beats down cruelly on their skins.

Their lips are cracked from the lack of fresh water on board. Water had to be severely rationed, each member being only allowed one tin cup of water a day.

It has been days since they last saw a single drop of rain. Even if the lack of water didn't kill them, the encircling sharks that had been following their raft for a while just might.

The sea is vast and endless in the horizon, it has been 90 days since they last saw dry land. Crew morale is dropping low, everyone is starting to question themselves on why did they embark on such a ridiculous journey in the name of science?

And such is the story of the great adventure, The Kontiki.

When I first read it, I thought it was mere fiction, like seriously, just a very exciting adventure of a brilliant historian and writer wanting to prove to himself and the world that the people of South America could have settled in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times.

At the time no one thought it was possible because the most scientific thing they had at the time to a boat, was a bloody raft to cross the Pacific Ocean.

And Mr. Heryerdahl wanted to prove just that!

Just recently I found out that the book was based on true facts (wtf!!) to make things even more amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He used the technology & materials from that time , recruited a few crew members who shared his flame for adventure, and with the help of the Navy set sail to cross the Pacific Ocean!! I learnt so many things from this book, like how flying fish can be eaten and that they are relatively easy to catch, and about dolphins, etc etc. I can't remember much anymore coz the last time I read this book was 2 years ago aheem *shy*

Do read the book!!

Thinking of the Kontiki and adventures at sea kinda inspired me to do a bit of artwork. Mind you I'm not that great, I do it only as a past time.



LOL!! Rabbit at sea at midnight.

Its not a great title but heck! one sentence says it all!

Colours are really pathetic coz I only have 12Luna pencil colours with me. Coz believe it or not the fuckin 42 colours cost rm50. I mean like WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hey, thats a v good drawing! i shall steal and write a story :p

  2. Nice drawing! Creative!

  3. that is so cute!!! how much are u selling for? :P

  4. aww thanks u guys! mwaah!

    hahahhaa if can sell i wud have! even if its rm5 LOL!

  5. NICE AHMA XD! I like the way you colour the sail =D!

  6. honestly, i never knew you to be the reader of historical stuff! (I can't bring myself to read through those kinda books..hehe, I fall asleep quite fast)
    pweeetty drawing!

  7. thaaankkkiiiuuu!!! *hugs*

    yes this book is not written anything like those dull historical textbooks. note, the explorer himself is a writer!!

    so quite kan cheong

  8. is that an eraser or does my eyes deceive me? =S