24 May 2008

Wtf - literally

I just called my ex to cancel dinner plans I had with him tomorrow.

I said "Hello? Are you free to talk now?"

Him (the Ex): Yeah I am, may I know who is this?
Me: ..........Er.....Cheryl? I called to say I can't make it for dinner tomorrow and we'll have to cancel.
Him: Oh!! Cheryl!! Yeah yeah, its ok.
Me: ....... Don't you have my number? Why do you have to ask who is this?
Him: Oh I deleted your number, after we broke up..

Wtf. Okay, completely understandable that you deleted my number after we broke up a few weeks ago....but.....but.........!!

WTF???? DON'T RECOGNISE MY VOICE LIAW??????????????????????!!!!!!!!! After being in a relationship for two years???!!!!

I'm not pissed at him. Just really................. wtf? speechless more like it.

I am going Singapore for a few days, so my blog will be pretty dead then. Wish me a safe journey :P

22 May 2008

Zhen & Mel

Since you all have been such loyal readers I am putting up two posts in one night. Gung ho!!!

This post is dedicated to Zhen & Mel.

It even has a nice together ring to it, dosen't it boys? LOL!!!!! Kidding kidding. This is just to thank them for coming up with all the driving and creative juices of places to go to eat!!!

Spent quite a lot these past few days but it was all worth it, trying out the food around KL before we all head off to UK. Ohmygawd, I never realised I've been missing out on so much these past 3 years I've been here!!! Why have I been wasting my life?????

Discovered Uncle Ho's Fine Dining. If not for Zhen, I don't think I would have ever bothered to try this place. Apparently the pastas there are very nice, so all four of us ended up ordering pasta.


My pasta. Pasta Amar-yakity-yak. Slices of tomato, cheese, pork, and other italian herbs


Aglio Olio Pasta. Apparently their signature dish. Made of (disgusting)parsley. Ok, its just me. I hate parsley... But this is Zhen's & Mel's Dish and they loved it.

Spagetthi with bacon strips. Kinda nice too. Everyone's pasta was surprisingly very different in taste.

Tracy & Mel


Zhen & I

The next week Zhen suggested we go Petaling Street to shop & eat. But petaling street is only happening at night, so we stopped by Sg.Wang to shop and snack first.

I finally got to try Zang Toi's very famous banana chocolate fudge cake with vanilla icecream. Even the name is such a mouthfull. Tracy's sister recommended this a really long time ago but I never got around to tasting it.


Zhen drink (behind) - can't remember the name, but it was uber refreshing!! Mixed fruit juices with lime.


Look at all that oozing chocolate!!! The food looks as good, if not better than the pic!!! The cake was absolute heaven!!! Having it with vanilla ice cream was perfect with the cake from preventing it from being too sickly sweet.

After that very light snack, it was finally evening and we went to petaling street for some more food and shopping!!! I had to stop by to get my favourite drink, Air Mata Kucing - basically longan with... erm... I dunno. Some black drink. Dosen't look that great but its de-li-cious!

Air Mata Kucing


The apparently very famous Hokkien Mee. Found it OK only coz I am not that big a fan of Hokkien Mee myself anyways.



Mel could not make up his mind which fake *cough*[insert football team] *cough* shirt he wanted to buy. All the black shirts he looked just like all the other black shirts we had seen in the past 10 stores. Talk about perfectionist!!!!!! Mel ended up not buying anything, dissatisfied with the quality of fake products......

a classic "Za Dou" moment.HAHAHAHAAHA!!!

Later we girls said it was still a little to early to go home, at the time it was only 9.30pm. So Tracy recommended this place in Damansara Jaya called the "Mage Cafe" to yamca.

This store is soooooooooooo cooooll. It makes board games fun. Seriously!! It does not have the normal boring bunch of board games like Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders or Chess. All their board games are so funky!! I have no idea where they get them. Think of this place as a cool place to hang out, chat, drink & eat, and play board games with friends the whole day.

The ambience there is nice, not too overcrowded with tables and chairs as its main purpose is not to serve food.


Canoe adventure board game. Unique :P (inside joke: I AM A PIRATE!! )

Played this game called Taboo!!! for the first time. We kept laughing and laughing the whole way trying to guess what object or action the speaker was trying to describe WITHOUT saying the key words. For eg. The card revealed only to the speaker will say "describe the word "birthday" without saying: candles, cake, party, age, presents."

Damn tough I tell ya.

And amazingly funny to see the extend the speaker will go through to describe birthday without saying the key words. LOL!!

I love you people!! thanks for a great time out. :P

I love being fake

Sam called me a bimbo the other day. Tracy defended me saying, no, Cheryl is an intelligent bimbo.

Right girls. That helps. A lot.

How to distinguish dumb bimbo from intelligent bimbo:

Dumb Bimbo

"My breast can predict when its gonna rain"

How to upgrade to intelligent Bimbo:

"My mammory glands can predict when its gonna rain"

But on to more intelligent topics....................
I am going bimbotic with my new Shu Umera fake eyelashes I got on my birthday!! WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy brought me to the Shu Umera counter so that the sales assistants there could teach me how to glue on my fake eyelashes for the very first time.

SO DIFFICULT WEI!!! I kept sticking the bloody thing on the wrong way, I nearly poked my eye once and had glue smeard all over my eye-lid.

I had to try 3 times on the spot , and in the end I got so frustrated (yeah i know, only 3 times and i quit liaw!) in the end I asked the assistant to just stick it on for me. She was a sweet gal, and said "You should go home and keep practising. Don't worry, you will get it!!"

But I so freakin love myself for having fake lashes!! I feel so gorgeous being able to look at myself with long lashes. I hate my short cina lashes.


Ignore my unpucked eyebrows


Look at the lenght of those beauties!!

21 May 2008

Today sucks big time

Plans didn't go the way I wanted them to.

Just now my friends and I went to a pet's store nearby to play with the pets. I saw this adorable Husky lookalike and wanted to play with it, and the workers were kind enough to open the glass cage for us.

And the dog f*ckin shitted on my shirt.

Its ass wasn't clean after shitting and while carrying it, the leftovers stuck to my shirt.


15 May 2008

Being single

Just broke up recently.

Feeling kinda down in the dumps... so might not be blogging for a while.......or maybe I'll blog when I'm in a better mood. I can't seem to stop blogging even though I am so emo..

I love you girls for all the support you've given, as well as my dear dear friends who have called or messaged me with words of comfort. T_T

I sound like i'm in my grave thanking those who attended my funeral. :(

13 May 2008

21st birthday


At night the girls then brought me out to celebrate me 21st birthday at Swensons. Its supposed to be legally can do anything year but... I'm feeling sense of heavy responsibility that comes with the age!! so annoying!!

But thanks you guys.. super kau kau happy:P

I know you guys tried to surprise me by saying that it was just us girls... too bad Sam had to slip tongue and let me know that there were actually 3 more guests. HAHAHA!!!!

The additional 3 - Alex, Tsuming & Mei Ching

Aiya.. you girls not very good at surprises lor ..... I found out whose coming and found out all my presents beforehand.

A bit lazy to blog, so I shall mostly be posting up pics of the event.

My favourite-bestest-mostcreative-camwhoring buddy


No touchy-touchy

Tracy finally allowed to me keep my present for real!! Shu Umera wei! I love their stuff ~!


I'm so touched you guys actually got the fake eyelashes for me. (I guess picking up the hints were inevitable since I've been whining about my short lashes since the beginning of the year! ) Thanks girls + Mel (eat shit la u din come for my birthday. I am kidding)!!!


Later when the food arrived.... the table had divided reactions. The ones sitting on the opposite row had huge portions:


OMG!! How am I supposed to finish this???

The ones sitting on the same row as me had pathetically tiny portions:


Enough meh???

I ordered Almond Lamb and the portions were tiny. The veggies and the potatoes covered much more of the plate than the meat did. Sheesh! But they probably gave tiny portions of it figuring that the customer would get so tired chewing on the lamb meat small portions were enough. I did get tired near the end of the meal and gave up. Lol.


A random shot- The hand.

Other cam-whoring buddies!


Blowing out the candles


I think the writting says "Hup*splotch*y Butterday Chery" Wtf. My birthday also can spell my name wrong!!!

My girls had to do the whole push the candle deep deep into the cake and pull it out with your teeth. Sam had the audacity to push my face into the cake. I GOT WEAR MAKE UP LEH!!!
For some very odd reason I could not bite the candle out. I have never tasted so much candle wax in my mouth before.

It took 4 bloody tries!!!!!!


JoJo looking adorable!

Su wen then proceeded to tell her not so scary ghost story. It sounded more like she was gossiping about the ghost she saw in her house the other day.
How come got so many fans wan?

Tracy deemed to be the better story teller even with her lame ghost story and gave Mei Ching a huge fright!! She literally scream!! HAHAHAAHAHA!! I knew it was coming but I totally forgot to video. Sayang!Otherwise can post on youtube :p

Reaction towards a totally unbeliavable ghost story

Even after most of the crowd left after dinner we continued to cam-whore with the remaining people!




To Tsuming, Alex & Meiching: thanks for dinner!! *hugs*

Later went for a late night movie with some of the girls... OHMYGAWD IRON MAN ROCKS!!! It is soo worth watching!!! Waaay better than Transformers!!

We all felt totally elated after the movie. And despite me constantly dissing the main guy coz he looked 40 in the trailer and I thought he looked haggard, in the movie he was totally different!! There was such an appeal (ok, it really helped the fact that he wore tight shirt and took of his shirt sometimes) to him, the more you look the cuter he is!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

Thank you everyone for spending my birthday with me~!!!

ZA DOU!!! I just realised we never took a group photo!!!

8 May 2008

I want to go to the beach

With the perfect hat....


The Perfect Bikini..... (ok, maybe I haven't quite found the perfect one yet :P )




A pair of cute flip flops.....


Sunglasses to go with


And a lovely straw beach bag...


Ok lah, to be very honest with you all I don't really have a craving to go to the beach. I just wanna wear all of the above but I can't wear them to shopping malls now can I??? Hahaha!!

Oh ya, about my b-day pressie : I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIAW!!!! (*runs and hides from everyone*)

Ok ok, so I found out one week before hand. I'm so sorry guys!! I stayed over at Tracy's place and I saw a black boxy thing there. Curiosity of the best of me people. Honest!!! The girls had a very za dou and exasperated look when they found out I knew. Cough Cough.

But THANK YOU GUYS!!! I looove them soo much!!! I really really super super kau kau touched k????????????????I will post up the pics once I get them. (Apparently Tracy thinks that I still should not be allowed to bring the gift home even though I already found out what it was. Phft!)

5 May 2008

This neighbourhood is FREAKY

OH MY GAWD........

Don't call me paranoid.


I was studying in my living room when I saw two guys on a motorbike pass by my house and look inside.

Fine. Once is okay.


These same 2 guys on bikes came last night too and kept looking in. And the nerve I found out last night that he actually parked right in front of our house. AND LOOKED IN.

OHMYGAWDIAMFREAKING OUT. Tomorrow is my finals somemore. I can't study!!

If they make another fuckin round I am going to yell at them that I'm calling the cops.

Tag: Why do people like to ask so many questions??

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

Family & Friends

2) Will you consider a sexual relationship before marriage?
Depends "how" sexual you mean. Cough cough.

3) Do you smoke?
Not at all.

4) What is the latest gadget that you own?
My uber cute red Dell Laptop which I totally adore and think its the most beeaaauutiful thing on earth.

5) Who did you mostly text yesterday?
Tracy. She was complaning about some stupid neighbour that was playing LALA music at top volume. Same thing happened to me a few months ago in my neighbourhood when some idiot old man decided he wanted to blast his 70's music for all to hear.

6) How old are you & are you a virgin?
20. Yeah. Wah liew so personal.

7) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
An orange highlighter

8) Where do you wish to get married?
In a catholic church - call me traditional or whatever. The church must have air con. I don't wanna sweat in my wedding day undies.

9) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

10) How many kids do you want?
NONE IF POSSIBLE. My husband will have to go 'snip-snip' . But I might change my mind when I grow older. Who knows?

12) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
Manhattan Fish Market. Right after Land Law somemore. lol!! Thanks Tiong how!!!

13) Name the lastest book that you bought?
Doraemon.Edisi tiga.

14) What is your full name?
Cheryl Ho (no need to know my chinese name)

15) Do you prefer your mother or father?
Tough choice. Mommy cooks the food, daddy gives the money to cook the food. I need both :P

16) Do you believe in GOD?

17) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.

Paris Hilton

18) Christina or Britney?


19) Do you do your own laundry?
All the time. unlike my good friend Su Wen who has never touched laundry yet ;P

20) The most exciting place you want to go?


How can you not love Japanese people?

21) Hugs or kisses?

22) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
-Five things about Ms.Teng

- Worships her Juicy Couture

- Anything that's made out of Watermelon

-Loves cam-whoring

- The most dramatic person I know in telling stories

- Has lost a lot of water bottles in one year.

Ms. Teng & I

8 things I am passionate about, other than church, family and friends: (in random order)
1. Camwhoring kau kau kau.
2. Jewelry, clothes, anything girlie

3. All my ViVi and Kawaii Magazines

4. Food!! How can you not love the best thing on earth?

5. Redecorating my room
6. Playing computer games
7. Drawing, comics, designing, am I doing law?

8. Travelling! Planning to tour Europe this year

8 things I say too often:
1. OMG.
2. Eat Shit
3. Vomit blood
4. Miaow
5. Rubbish!!
6. Go Die

7. Nice ass
8. Got meh???!!!

8 books I’ve read recently:
1. Land Law
2. Family Law
3. Equity and Trusts
4. Constitutional and Adminstration Law
5. Property Law Statute Book
6. Family Law Statute Book
7. Adrian Mole. Finally a non-law book :P

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. Boys like Girls - Thunder
2. Jesse McCartney - Leavin'
3. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

4. Jordin Sparks - Tattoo
5. Chris Brown - With You
6. Meatloaf - I would do anything for Love
7. Matt Wertz – 5:19
8. Boys like Girls - On top of the world

8 things I learned last year:
1. People change.
2. You can't change some people
3. How to pass all your law subjects with a D grade
4. I never exercise and I could go on a jungle trek without any muscle pain afterwards. Laziness pays people.
5. I am apparently allergic to certain alcohol

6. Bad body odour makes you lose friends
7. To appreciate the people around me more (except those with bad BO)

8. Wore contacts for the first time

3 May 2008

Facebook Groups can be weird

Saw this group on Facebook:


Group Info
I hate it when people ask for extra paper in exams. WTF are you writing!?
If you hate, join it

Other equally useless but entertaining groups existing:

I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass.

No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter.

1 May 2008

Land Paper's OVER!!!!

I feel like I must SCREAM IT OUT!!!!

Updates coming soon. Man, I so miss blogging!!! Loads of stuff I wanna bitch about. Thank you for you 2 or so people that even bother coming back to read my blog.

But first I am going to sleep till I am satisfied. Land law has forced me to wake up at almost 5am everyday just to study about mortgages. My life has been B-O-R-I-N-G. Its amazing I haven't turned into a black baby chimpanzee
after so much land law. (story for this is way way back in my post. not gonna link. saya sikit takut Ms.Chimpanzee knows what a 'blog' is)

Neeways, for now leave you all entertained to watch this Meet the Spartans video. Freaking hilarious. hahahahaaha!!