22 May 2008

I love being fake

Sam called me a bimbo the other day. Tracy defended me saying, no, Cheryl is an intelligent bimbo.

Right girls. That helps. A lot.

How to distinguish dumb bimbo from intelligent bimbo:

Dumb Bimbo

"My breast can predict when its gonna rain"

How to upgrade to intelligent Bimbo:

"My mammory glands can predict when its gonna rain"

But on to more intelligent topics....................
I am going bimbotic with my new Shu Umera fake eyelashes I got on my birthday!! WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy brought me to the Shu Umera counter so that the sales assistants there could teach me how to glue on my fake eyelashes for the very first time.

SO DIFFICULT WEI!!! I kept sticking the bloody thing on the wrong way, I nearly poked my eye once and had glue smeard all over my eye-lid.

I had to try 3 times on the spot , and in the end I got so frustrated (yeah i know, only 3 times and i quit liaw!) in the end I asked the assistant to just stick it on for me. She was a sweet gal, and said "You should go home and keep practising. Don't worry, you will get it!!"

But I so freakin love myself for having fake lashes!! I feel so gorgeous being able to look at myself with long lashes. I hate my short cina lashes.


Ignore my unpucked eyebrows


Look at the lenght of those beauties!!

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