1 May 2008

Land Paper's OVER!!!!

I feel like I must SCREAM IT OUT!!!!

Updates coming soon. Man, I so miss blogging!!! Loads of stuff I wanna bitch about. Thank you for you 2 or so people that even bother coming back to read my blog.

But first I am going to sleep till I am satisfied. Land law has forced me to wake up at almost 5am everyday just to study about mortgages. My life has been B-O-R-I-N-G. Its amazing I haven't turned into a black baby chimpanzee
after so much land law. (story for this is way way back in my post. not gonna link. saya sikit takut Ms.Chimpanzee knows what a 'blog' is)

Neeways, for now leave you all entertained to watch this Meet the Spartans video. Freaking hilarious. hahahahaaha!!


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