24 May 2008

Wtf - literally

I just called my ex to cancel dinner plans I had with him tomorrow.

I said "Hello? Are you free to talk now?"

Him (the Ex): Yeah I am, may I know who is this?
Me: ..........Er.....Cheryl? I called to say I can't make it for dinner tomorrow and we'll have to cancel.
Him: Oh!! Cheryl!! Yeah yeah, its ok.
Me: ....... Don't you have my number? Why do you have to ask who is this?
Him: Oh I deleted your number, after we broke up..

Wtf. Okay, completely understandable that you deleted my number after we broke up a few weeks ago....but.....but.........!!

WTF???? DON'T RECOGNISE MY VOICE LIAW??????????????????????!!!!!!!!! After being in a relationship for two years???!!!!

I'm not pissed at him. Just really................. wtf? speechless more like it.

I am going Singapore for a few days, so my blog will be pretty dead then. Wish me a safe journey :P

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