31 July 2007

Sunset at the beach

When was the last time you flew a kite?

It has been constantly raining here these past few weeks in the evening, but God granted us a rain-free evening this Sunday so we went to fly kites at the beach!

I brought over my really old-moth eaten-handmade kite (duh, obviously made by someone else. I just bought it). When I mean "old" , I mean like from my primary school days which is about 8 years ago? Its still made from rattan and lightweight paper.

It was later I only realised it was really dumb of me to wear jeans to the beach.

Mana tahu, when I went to the beach with my old-fashioned kites, I was soo jealous to see all the modern kites shaped like eagles, fishes and boxy kites.

This wet doggy fell into the sea water

Lynda brought over a volleyball and frisbee as well, but I didn't manage to get any photo shots of us playing.

Blue streaks across the sky during sunset. My first time seeing it!

29 July 2007

Brunei & Sushi

Oh gawd, Brunei has some of the best sushi around.. I went to this place called Escapade located in Kuala Belait, Brunei.

Granted, its not Rakuzen, but at least I don't need to fly 20,000 miles across an ocean for a delicious plate of sushi.

Tracy's mom and Zora, who drove us to Brunei!

My Unagi *slurps *

This sushi has got salmon, cream cheese and, get this, avacado!!

I asked my mom about why put avacado in sushi? Apparently, by putting avacado in your food on the menu is supposed to symbolise that your restaurant is 'classy' and 'fine dining'.

End conclusion: Could hardly taste the avacado, but salmon still taste weird with cream cheese

Together with the 'Wong' sisters

Our sushi delivery service by train

Do NOT underestimate the stomach of five, ravenous women

27 July 2007


Last night I met up with an old friend, Wang Huat who works in Vincci. I had wanted to ask him if there was any available vacancy there at the moment. He was relating to me his working experience there, about this one female customer who is a shoe-a-holic and bought 10 shoes in one week, spending over RM600.

She came back again the next week buying another 5 pairs of shoes.

The next, next week she came back, and asked my friend, "Eh, I bought a lot of shoes from here ah...... can trade-in my old shoes?"

She thinks this is like handphone shop ah??!!! There are sooo many funee people in this world.

Since jokes are being posted on everyone's blog recently, I've also got one from a fwd mail~:

Title: *Who is clever???... **

One Night 4 College Students Were Playing Till Late Night and
Didn't Study For
The Test Which Was Scheduled For The Next

In the morning they thought of a plan. They made themselves
look as dirty and
weird with grease and dirt. They then went
up to the Dean and said that they had
gone out to a wedding
last night and on their return the tyre of their car burst

and they had to push the car all the way back and that they
were in no condition to
appear for the test.

So the Dean said they can have the re-test after 3 days. They
thanked him and said
they will be ready by that time. On the
third day they appeared before the Dean.
The Dean said that as
this was a Special Condition Test, All four were required to

sit in separate classrooms for the test.

They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last 3 days.

The Test consisted of 2 questions with the total of 100 Marks.
Q.1. Your Name.........................( 2 MARKS )
Q.2. Which tyre burst?...............( 98 MARKS )
a) Front Left
b) Front Right
c) Back Left
d) Back Right.....!!!

True story from IIT Bombay ...Batch 1992-96*

26 July 2007

The Sims 2

I am hooked up on yet another computer game, The Sims 2. Brief tutorial, the Sims is a computer game where you start up a human family, feed them, bathe them, and get them jobs to fufill until they grow old and die. Or if you're not so kind, you can think of ways to crush their soul, torture them with fire or force them to die a slow, horrible death. Basically, you're God in this Sims' game world. I enjoy being God for a change.....*evil grins*

The Sims 2 has an installation pack called Sims 2 Pets. In this additional pack, you can custom make your own dog or cat to your liking (remember, you're God). These are my dogs in real life:

Meet Max(the black one) and Bobby ( the grey one)

The black one is dumber than the grey. Much dumber

Created my own virtual reality dogs in Sims 2 pets

A virtual reality Bobby!!

Managed to keep that blur dumb look of Max

22 July 2007


After 5 whole months of being away from my birth-land, I have finally touched down in Miri last night at 9.50pm~ I never realised Miri air smelt sooooo fresh!! Its so good to be able to smell the 'greenery' after all that smoky KL air.

And NO Miri is not a jungle. Mak Hon Pan don't you dare start thinking about Sarawak natives and blowpipes.

I really blame those stupid Malaysian adverts that always picture Sarawakians in a jungle with traditional costumes and orangutans and hornbills as out best friends.

Lazy to update about what happened in the past few days. Just one picture to show what I've been up to:

Make-up artists: Mak & Melvyn
Believe me, I've put on uglier make-up before

21 July 2007

Damn Kau Man

This whole week has been mega-packed with activities, and none of my post are made according to the date of the events!! IRRITATING!!! I shall shecdule my activities in timetable order to make things clear of what has actually been happening around me this week. (accompanied by a lot of ripped-off pictures..sorry guys~)

Went up to meet with bestie Euphrasia (and should be pronounced as you-fray-shee-ah. Ok, now say it faster. Its not supposed to be spoken so slllooooooooowwlyy) from UK. This has been my only chance and last chance to meet her this year.... I've missed her soo much!

My super-photogenic-friend. This is the only photo I find where I do not look too bad standing next to her. ^_^

We hung out around 1Utama, obviously only going into the shops with the signs "SALE" written on the shop windows. After that went into yam at Char Chan Teng aka 茶餐厅, some 'Cappa Lang' Kim Gary place. The food on the menu is almost all completely like Kim Gary, what with cheese-baked rice, and Hong-Kong Toast to boot. Don't you find that the cheese-baked rice has now many pirated versions? Even domino's pizza has some pretty iccky looking cheese-baked rice on their menus. Makes me wonder where original cheese-baked rice came from?

Learnt an interesting tip about your feet when in UK too. Apparently, when she first bought her flat shoe, she is a UK size 4. But when she came back to Malaysia, her feet expands. Funny isn't it how your feet size is affected by climate??? I've read about this as well previously in some fahsion mag. Lesson to learn: Be careful when buying shoes overseas, especially from countries which climate is different from Malaysia.

Fell terribly ill! Was extremely giddy, I saw my whole world turn topsy-turvy literally!! Walls were never at 90 degree angles, choosing to somehow slant left and right the whole day. TH brought me to the doctor, and apparently I was STRESSED. Ok, considering I am now on a 4-month-long holiday, I was looking exasperated at her and wondering whether she had diagnosed me wrongly or whether my doctor needed to see a doctor. But didn't bother to think anymore as my head hurt and just wanted the pain to go away. TH use his off-day from work to take care of me the whole afternoon. TQ so much darling~~~

My parents came to town! Apparently my baby brother JUST found out he was enrolled in a programme in KL and his 3 day holiday trip with my parents down to see me turned into a 2-month-long stay. Poor him. Therefore my parents and elder brother chose to spend the day with me while he went schooling. Melvyn and Samantha just 'happenned' to be around that day as well, so Mel kindly offered to send us all down to Midvalley for lunch.

Daddy decided we all eat at the Domino's Pizza there. His first time trying Domino's and his first words were: "Better than Pizza Hut!"

Some random pics from that day...

Strawberry cake from Breadstory

All of us at Breadstory. Yes, it is our favourite yamca place.

For guys who want to ask out my hot friend, her no is: 016-too-hot-for-you-99.

Ok, this is going to sound so weird, but I will continue about thursday, friday and saturday this Sunday.

19 July 2007

Law Debate

Yeeaaaah~!! Finally got photos from the Law Debate! Not much pics to post up here as we mostly took cam-whoring photos instead of the event itself.....

I have to admit, even though I've been complaining about all work, lecturers, the little and big hiccups that happened (Su Wen will explain more), there is an eerie feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Ok fine, I admit I was even awarded "BEST tray-bearer-of-the-year" by my coursemates. Apparently, I only found out two days before the big event itself that I was going to be the tray-bearer, and all tray-beares need to wear FULL SUITS. wow, no shit. I never knew being a TRAY-BEARER represented the status of the whole law school (according to that annoying land-law lecturer. see previous post).

All of us dressed formally. We look like a chess set.

For the finals itself, we invited Yang Arif the Honourable Gopal Sri Ram. Heard many scary things about this particular judge. He precides in the Federeal Court of Malaysia, and has been known to shout and scold lawyers who come to the court unprepared about the law. Piss him off even further, and he starts aiming objects towards your way shouting "GET OUT OF THIS COURT!!" No idea how true these rumours though. Fortunately, he neither screamed nor threw stuff around that day. He was very well-behaved that day. Haha!

Motion of the debate was about death by capital punishment as to whether it should be abolished. It was an easy win for our university as the opponent completely misintepreted the entire question. Still a bit dissapointing though as the win is toooo easy. Not 'kin tio' enough.

Sorry Ke ping for my 'peace' fingers!

Ok gals, lean ur boobs towards the screen. Closer, closer.......

15 July 2007

Tiong How's B-day

Damn, I really need my own camera. I keep posting up events that are at least 1 week late on my blog because I do not have the pictures with me. Anyways, I brought Tiong How to 1 Utama to celebrate his 24th birthday. But because I didn't bother to book movie tickets, we had to stand in the cinema queue for Transformers for 30mins. I feel KL people really love their movies. They don't mind queing up for an hour just to get a movie ticket! Small town people like me in Miri would have said "Walau!!" (and you can hear the Ah Bengs saying "Ci B*i!!") and just walk off.

Me and TH before the movie

Ok, yes, Transformers rocks. I admit I am trying to watch it again the 2nd time. I was talking to a few of my seniors yesterday, and only 2 of them have yet to watch it, some already having watched it for the 3rd time. The one who hasn't watched was complaining "Its because of people like you all la, want to watch so many times that's why we couldn't get any tickets till now!"

Back to my topic, brought Tiong How to eat dinner at TGI Friday's. Soo worth it!! Its only RM39.90 for a one set full course meal, i.e appetizers, main course, and even dessert. Its meant only for one person, but can actually share with 2. Even with two people, we still had much difficulty trying to finish it off. We ordered mac & cheese for appetizers (super cheesy), sizzling chicken for the main course, and chocolate cake for the dessert.

TH, cam-whoring at TGI's

Mac & cheese

Blue Slosh

Iced Vodka. Just kidding...plain water.

11 July 2007

In loving memory

To someone I knew, but never really took the chance to know such a wonderful person even better. Lynda, thanks for the beautiful post.

busy, busy, busy

I am in the assistant creative division of the READING LAW (pronounced as Red-ding) programme. If there are any potential youngsters reading this who are interested in joining the Reading programme, please, I urge, STAY AWAY from creative division of the debate team. Its NOT WORTH IT.. repeat again after me NOT WORTH IT!!

1) You have the 2nd most jobs to do after the president himself/herself

2) You have to stay back until late in the night, alone, or with only a friend or two. Yep, that's right, last night I was stuck in school with only Samantha (head of creative div) till 8 pm, while the President and the lecturers all went back home at 6pm. Thank God I met another good friend who willingly offered a helping hand and is not in the programme at all.

3) On the debate day itself, YOU will also be working. A lot.

4) You have a particular lecturer breathing down your neck the whole day, constantly 'suggesting' changes the last minute, mostly after you've done with all the work. I won't name names, but she's Reading's Land Law lecturer. *cough**cough*

Actually I wouldn't be so pissed off at the job because I know it comes with a lot of responsibilites. But if it wasn't for the fact that EVEN the president can leave earlier than his subordinates, furthermore, a lecturer who would just leave her students alone in a dark school, well then, I have nothing more to say.

Just taking off some steam here from the super hectic three days I've been having. Another 2 more days to go and I will be done with the whole bloody thing!

Bought my first suit today at The Curve. Got the whole black blazer and black trousers thing and lovin' it. Eh, actually I'm so shocked, I never knew that buying working clothes were so expensive!! I was hoping to find reasonably good-looking clothes for RM25-40, since I can find a reasonably good-looking plain shirt for RM10. But wtf, female working clothes are so expensive. the cheapest was RM50, and that was shit ugly. I thought I could find better bargains what with the Mega Sales going on but to no avail.

Ok, that's enough for today. Got an intereting topic I plan to blog after this whole thing is done with some time soon.

7 July 2007

Happy Birthday Tiong How

Transformers rocks my soxs off!

But anywayz, the main reason for this post is to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIONG HOW!!

You're now officially 24 years old.

Today has all been about sevens.

Tiong How's b-day is on 07-07-07

My ticket seat no. for the movie was C7

I was shopping for shoes for my size 7 feet today

At at the end of the day, I had to pay RM7 for overdue parking at 1 Utama shopping mall. F*ck.

More updates next time.

5 July 2007

Kuantan Beach (III)

Kuantan has some of the best beach sceneries in Malaysia, not comparing it with islands.

I woke at at 6am in the morning, on a Sunday nevertheless to see the sunrise. They have a McDonald's at the beach which is really convenient, as you can have breakfast while watching the sunrise. As my super 'soi' luck would have it though, I never saw the sunrise because it was cloudy that day.......

But I still managed to spot some interesting Kuantan culture when I was there too:

There were about 8 or so people buried under sand

This is called 'sand yoga'. Apparently its very therapeutic.

They do this every sunday morning at 6 am~! Almost everyone brings along their own huge-sized metal spade, and digs a hole for himself/herself, then your friend helps to bury you under the sand. Just another great Kuantan lifestyle of spending time with your loved ones. ^_^

I miss Kuantan already. The day before I went swimming in the sea with Anchovy 'frolicking' with the waves. Below are even more pictures I uploaded on Bubbleshare. Might take a while to load coz I uploaded quite a lot

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

2 July 2007

Kuantan Food (II)

The night I arrived at Kuantan Anchovy's dad, Uncle Leong, brought us out to eat seafood at Mr.Specky's Tom Yam. Kuantan is quite famous for their seafood. One of the dishes I really enjoyed there was 'Stuffed Crab'. So unique!! How come we don't have this in KL?

I cannot tahan and ate half of it first before taking a photo.Basically what they do is use only the main body of the crab, fill the inside with crab paste, and probably deep fry.

Even though the shop's name was Mr.Specky, I never actually saw Mr.Specky himself.

Another unique food in Kuantan is the Jeli Ais Kacang. Literally. There is jelly at the bottom of the ice kacang. They only serve it in one store in Kuantan at the beach called Song Fatt. Sure can spot coz they put up the sign Jeli Ais Kacang underneath the name.

You must also squeeze the 'limau' over it before you eat. It taste OK only for me, but its nice to try something different.

For breakfast, the Leong family brought me to this place where the pan mee is super famous. Forgot the name of the stall, but if you want to eat pan mee in Kuantan, most people will definitely mention this place ^_^

Uncle told me that just last week at this store, there was a customer who brought his whole family out to eat there. But because it is always mega-packed, service was slow. The customer got so angry, he started yelling at the boss for being so slow and overturned his table in front of everyone. No manners! Unfortunately for him there was a newspaper reporter eating his pan mee there at the same time and reported it in the newspaper the next day. Really padan muka (slap his own face back) . Haiya, next time slow service just yell at the boss for being so slow and shout "I will never come back here again!" enough already. No need to show your pathetic ability of overturning tables.

This dish is called "lai liu ha" in cantonese. Direct english translation: Pee in pants prawn

Damn nice seafood dish though. Do prawns really can pee though?

There's another food I didn't take a picture of but its soooooo deliiicciouss~~!! You can never really eat enough, and its a fish curry puff~! First time I've tasted other filings in curry puffs except for the usual potato & egg. Next time anyone who goes Kuantan must buy a fish cury puff. Cheap & worth it!

On the shores of Kuantan (I)

Over the weekend, I went to a little town in Pahang called Kuantan. Ok, Kuantan wasn't sooo little. Before that, I always thought that Kuantan and Pahang were just two different states in Malaysia. It was only on the bus trip there from Pudu Raya bus station did I understand, that no, Kuantan is the CAPITAL of Pahang.

And in answering your question, yes, I am going to blog about food later on!

In Kuantan I stayed over at Anchovy's (my roomie!) house. The Leong family are very nice and friendly people. Their children also have a lot of 'interesting' hobbies. It mostly consist of collections of different sorts.

One of them is collecting old vodka bottles. Anchovy reserved a whole shelf in a cupboard for collecting them. The KAMPAI red christmas bottle in the centre of the picture is a limited edition vodka bottle from last year's chritmas.

Their 2nd collection consist of a whole row of (eaten) sweet boxes. They have brands from Mentos, Smint, & other brands all arranged in rainbow colours.

But seriously, if I told you I collected Gardenia bread plastic price tags............ would you believe me?

And just to show they've been collecting it for quite a while.....

A jar 1/3 full of Gardenia plastic price tags
I laughed so bloody hard when I saw this that I just had to take a picture as a momento~!

(*got Anchovy's permission to publish such photos*)