22 July 2007


After 5 whole months of being away from my birth-land, I have finally touched down in Miri last night at 9.50pm~ I never realised Miri air smelt sooooo fresh!! Its so good to be able to smell the 'greenery' after all that smoky KL air.

And NO Miri is not a jungle. Mak Hon Pan don't you dare start thinking about Sarawak natives and blowpipes.

I really blame those stupid Malaysian adverts that always picture Sarawakians in a jungle with traditional costumes and orangutans and hornbills as out best friends.

Lazy to update about what happened in the past few days. Just one picture to show what I've been up to:

Make-up artists: Mak & Melvyn
Believe me, I've put on uglier make-up before


  1. Anonymous23 July, 2007

    ohhh ok... i admit sarawak does not only have native people.. but seriously, there's many sarawak's monkey putting on make up nowadays! how weird is that!! It happened in my room too!

  2. ooooooppppppssssssss~!! Too bad you weren't there Anchovy. Even Melvyn n Mak put make-up on. Damn UGLY! they look like drag queen. I kelian their reputation that's why I didn't put up their faces on this