5 July 2007

Kuantan Beach (III)

Kuantan has some of the best beach sceneries in Malaysia, not comparing it with islands.

I woke at at 6am in the morning, on a Sunday nevertheless to see the sunrise. They have a McDonald's at the beach which is really convenient, as you can have breakfast while watching the sunrise. As my super 'soi' luck would have it though, I never saw the sunrise because it was cloudy that day.......

But I still managed to spot some interesting Kuantan culture when I was there too:

There were about 8 or so people buried under sand

This is called 'sand yoga'. Apparently its very therapeutic.

They do this every sunday morning at 6 am~! Almost everyone brings along their own huge-sized metal spade, and digs a hole for himself/herself, then your friend helps to bury you under the sand. Just another great Kuantan lifestyle of spending time with your loved ones. ^_^

I miss Kuantan already. The day before I went swimming in the sea with Anchovy 'frolicking' with the waves. Below are even more pictures I uploaded on Bubbleshare. Might take a while to load coz I uploaded quite a lot

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  1. waaaaaaa I LOVE MAHJONG!!!

  2. eeh? last time our old house you ever play with us ka? with jordan they all? tua oredi i can't remember the details... *sweat*

  3. Wah! Buried in the sand!! Now, that is one great holiday.