15 July 2007

Tiong How's B-day

Damn, I really need my own camera. I keep posting up events that are at least 1 week late on my blog because I do not have the pictures with me. Anyways, I brought Tiong How to 1 Utama to celebrate his 24th birthday. But because I didn't bother to book movie tickets, we had to stand in the cinema queue for Transformers for 30mins. I feel KL people really love their movies. They don't mind queing up for an hour just to get a movie ticket! Small town people like me in Miri would have said "Walau!!" (and you can hear the Ah Bengs saying "Ci B*i!!") and just walk off.

Me and TH before the movie

Ok, yes, Transformers rocks. I admit I am trying to watch it again the 2nd time. I was talking to a few of my seniors yesterday, and only 2 of them have yet to watch it, some already having watched it for the 3rd time. The one who hasn't watched was complaining "Its because of people like you all la, want to watch so many times that's why we couldn't get any tickets till now!"

Back to my topic, brought Tiong How to eat dinner at TGI Friday's. Soo worth it!! Its only RM39.90 for a one set full course meal, i.e appetizers, main course, and even dessert. Its meant only for one person, but can actually share with 2. Even with two people, we still had much difficulty trying to finish it off. We ordered mac & cheese for appetizers (super cheesy), sizzling chicken for the main course, and chocolate cake for the dessert.

TH, cam-whoring at TGI's

Mac & cheese

Blue Slosh

Iced Vodka. Just kidding...plain water.

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  1. hey u know what. In the mac & cheese photo you really look like Selina for a moment. Yes our ex house mate Selina woot