29 July 2007

Brunei & Sushi

Oh gawd, Brunei has some of the best sushi around.. I went to this place called Escapade located in Kuala Belait, Brunei.

Granted, its not Rakuzen, but at least I don't need to fly 20,000 miles across an ocean for a delicious plate of sushi.

Tracy's mom and Zora, who drove us to Brunei!

My Unagi *slurps *

This sushi has got salmon, cream cheese and, get this, avacado!!

I asked my mom about why put avacado in sushi? Apparently, by putting avacado in your food on the menu is supposed to symbolise that your restaurant is 'classy' and 'fine dining'.

End conclusion: Could hardly taste the avacado, but salmon still taste weird with cream cheese

Together with the 'Wong' sisters

Our sushi delivery service by train

Do NOT underestimate the stomach of five, ravenous women

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