2 July 2007

Kuantan Food (II)

The night I arrived at Kuantan Anchovy's dad, Uncle Leong, brought us out to eat seafood at Mr.Specky's Tom Yam. Kuantan is quite famous for their seafood. One of the dishes I really enjoyed there was 'Stuffed Crab'. So unique!! How come we don't have this in KL?

I cannot tahan and ate half of it first before taking a photo.Basically what they do is use only the main body of the crab, fill the inside with crab paste, and probably deep fry.

Even though the shop's name was Mr.Specky, I never actually saw Mr.Specky himself.

Another unique food in Kuantan is the Jeli Ais Kacang. Literally. There is jelly at the bottom of the ice kacang. They only serve it in one store in Kuantan at the beach called Song Fatt. Sure can spot coz they put up the sign Jeli Ais Kacang underneath the name.

You must also squeeze the 'limau' over it before you eat. It taste OK only for me, but its nice to try something different.

For breakfast, the Leong family brought me to this place where the pan mee is super famous. Forgot the name of the stall, but if you want to eat pan mee in Kuantan, most people will definitely mention this place ^_^

Uncle told me that just last week at this store, there was a customer who brought his whole family out to eat there. But because it is always mega-packed, service was slow. The customer got so angry, he started yelling at the boss for being so slow and overturned his table in front of everyone. No manners! Unfortunately for him there was a newspaper reporter eating his pan mee there at the same time and reported it in the newspaper the next day. Really padan muka (slap his own face back) . Haiya, next time slow service just yell at the boss for being so slow and shout "I will never come back here again!" enough already. No need to show your pathetic ability of overturning tables.

This dish is called "lai liu ha" in cantonese. Direct english translation: Pee in pants prawn

Damn nice seafood dish though. Do prawns really can pee though?

There's another food I didn't take a picture of but its soooooo deliiicciouss~~!! You can never really eat enough, and its a fish curry puff~! First time I've tasted other filings in curry puffs except for the usual potato & egg. Next time anyone who goes Kuantan must buy a fish cury puff. Cheap & worth it!


  1. Oh gosh! The seafood looks so delicious, I swear I can fly to Kuantan for meals now. :P

  2. YES~!!!! The seafood there is super nice. Sekinchan is also famous for seafood, but I personally feel that Kuantan's is

  3. i want pee in pants please HAHAHAHA