19 July 2007

Law Debate

Yeeaaaah~!! Finally got photos from the Law Debate! Not much pics to post up here as we mostly took cam-whoring photos instead of the event itself.....

I have to admit, even though I've been complaining about all work, lecturers, the little and big hiccups that happened (Su Wen will explain more), there is an eerie feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Ok fine, I admit I was even awarded "BEST tray-bearer-of-the-year" by my coursemates. Apparently, I only found out two days before the big event itself that I was going to be the tray-bearer, and all tray-beares need to wear FULL SUITS. wow, no shit. I never knew being a TRAY-BEARER represented the status of the whole law school (according to that annoying land-law lecturer. see previous post).

All of us dressed formally. We look like a chess set.

For the finals itself, we invited Yang Arif the Honourable Gopal Sri Ram. Heard many scary things about this particular judge. He precides in the Federeal Court of Malaysia, and has been known to shout and scold lawyers who come to the court unprepared about the law. Piss him off even further, and he starts aiming objects towards your way shouting "GET OUT OF THIS COURT!!" No idea how true these rumours though. Fortunately, he neither screamed nor threw stuff around that day. He was very well-behaved that day. Haha!

Motion of the debate was about death by capital punishment as to whether it should be abolished. It was an easy win for our university as the opponent completely misintepreted the entire question. Still a bit dissapointing though as the win is toooo easy. Not 'kin tio' enough.

Sorry Ke ping for my 'peace' fingers!

Ok gals, lean ur boobs towards the screen. Closer, closer.......

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  1. Euphrasia22 July, 2007

    I so love your black suit. You look so professional. I wonder if I ever get the chance to wear suits to work next time. I'll prob be stuck in jeans n shirt most of the time. GRr...