2 July 2007

On the shores of Kuantan (I)

Over the weekend, I went to a little town in Pahang called Kuantan. Ok, Kuantan wasn't sooo little. Before that, I always thought that Kuantan and Pahang were just two different states in Malaysia. It was only on the bus trip there from Pudu Raya bus station did I understand, that no, Kuantan is the CAPITAL of Pahang.

And in answering your question, yes, I am going to blog about food later on!

In Kuantan I stayed over at Anchovy's (my roomie!) house. The Leong family are very nice and friendly people. Their children also have a lot of 'interesting' hobbies. It mostly consist of collections of different sorts.

One of them is collecting old vodka bottles. Anchovy reserved a whole shelf in a cupboard for collecting them. The KAMPAI red christmas bottle in the centre of the picture is a limited edition vodka bottle from last year's chritmas.

Their 2nd collection consist of a whole row of (eaten) sweet boxes. They have brands from Mentos, Smint, & other brands all arranged in rainbow colours.

But seriously, if I told you I collected Gardenia bread plastic price tags............ would you believe me?

And just to show they've been collecting it for quite a while.....

A jar 1/3 full of Gardenia plastic price tags
I laughed so bloody hard when I saw this that I just had to take a picture as a momento~!

(*got Anchovy's permission to publish such photos*)

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  1. COlour blog. Like it. Will be back!