27 June 2007

Tag: 7 Random things about me

I was tagged by JoJo (>_<) . So here goes!!! (yes, I'm bored enough to do this)
How random can I get ah? I'll try my best.

1. I PASSSED EVERYTHING!! yup, that's right. My law first year finals are over and I've gotten my results. I do not have to retake or be stuck in first year again with a new batch of snotty-17-year-olds. Boy am I glad I can see all my classmates' faces in second year!

2. The largest mole on my body is on my left foot. Ok, I really just wanted to be random

3. I HATE my high forehead. It has given me nicknames like horse, seahorse (when I'm in a swimming pool) , donkey, pony, etc. Basically most mammals with four legs.

4. I am considering dying my hair brown with slightly blonde highlights over the holidays. Any advise ppl?

5. I am in LOVE with the latest trend of 'fully wrapped shoes'. For those who are blur blur, here's a pic:

At the same time, I'm scared of buying one bcoz I only like the high-heeled ones but am scared of looking like an imported ang moh-amazon woman.

6. I am an avid-dog lover. Show me any doggy that has longan black eyes and I will fall head over heels in luuurrrvee with it.

How can you say "NO DOGGIE!" to this??

7. I detest sports! even though oddly enough, I am very tanned. There are some who love sports but still remain so fair. bloody hell. The irony of it.

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