2 June 2007


Went to Sing-K this friday at Galaxy yesterday using the student-package. RM7 per person plus 1 drink each, plus fries and fruits. worth it~! Unfortunately our two main karaoke singers JoJo and Melvyn not there were less chinese songs!! wheeee!! Me and Sammie (both bananas) went to sing soo many english hit songs.

We picked Ricky Martin "She Bangs!" (yes, brings back memories of William Hung from american idol dosen't it?) . Both of us sing until so happy till near the end of the song we realised we were the only two singing...LOL! The other 3 probably pengsan halfway.

After that went for dinner with Tiong How at "The Beans". TH finishing work later and later these days... only 9.30pm then he had his dinner with me!! super late. Sigh... so bad for the stomach. I order bubur cacar which is about RM2.00 a bowl, and TH told me they actually can earn 100% of the profit, which means that the bubur cacar is actually made of cheap stuff and probably cost about 30sen a bowl...ciz....spoil my appetitte.

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