2 June 2007

Clubbing nite

After 3 whole days of being stuck at home, I'm so glad to be able to finally go out at night!! My only friends to 'hang' out with in KL are my classmates and bf, and all of them have been busy doing something else with other people... T_T. I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddd more friends to make myself less pathetic during the

Clubbing clubbing, no idea whether I should say it was good or bad? That night I went to Qbar at Sunway Pyramid to club. It was the first time I went out with our classmates (and Jamie's first ever clubbing experience at 22 yrs! *snicker*) We went on a thursday so it was ladies night, and gals can go in clubs for FREE! Qbar was having RETRO night. What's RETRO? you ask?

Let me introduce you to some tunes such as.....YMCA! and I love you baby (whether its wrong or right)! I ask you ah, how to dance to this type of songs? Some more when we went in, we were so surprise to see so many old apeks in there... now we know why......
Sammie was even saying that she saw this apek glance at our group of young people, and was so happy to see 'that there are young people who love this kind of music'. Damn embrassing...

Tracy then suggested we ditched Qbar.

We went next door over to Flam, which played house and R&B. Not bad lor that club, not only do girls go in free, we get 2 free drinks each as well. All 6 of us girls and a guy got up on a slightly elevated platform and danced there. I learnt three new clubbing moves instead of just moving arms from side to side like I usually do. haha! Sammie and Tracy really rocked the dance floor, and were even invited by one of the organisers of the bar to dance on the centre stage! wooohooooo!!! And yes, sammie was very glad she bought those short shorts. ^_^

Ok, here comes the juicy bit guys (for those of you who can't stand vulgar words pls don't read on.....)
We got into a real cat fight with another girl. Thank God Jamie and JoJo left earlier. This B****h kept pushing Tracy and Suki when she forced herself onto where we were all dancing(bcoz she kept wanting all the guys to dance around her so constantly kept pushing them away), until she finally pushed the wrong gal to mess with. Sammie would have fallen down on the platform had Suki not caught her in time.

I was DAMN PISSED OFF when I saw it! I was thinking in my head, 'if Sammie pushed that B****h back right now I hope she falls down!"
And OMG, Sammie actually did. I was immediately thinking "serve her right!"

But the nerve! That indonesian b****h then got up and accused Sammie of pushing her! (ok la, we did do it) We counter back at her she did it first, she's been pushing us first all the time!

That B****h went on to say "NOO!!" She never did that before in her super sucky voice.

Even the bouncers' had to come in to intervene. Tracy was being rational and trying to sort things out, and so was that B****h's friend who was more rational and reasonable and at least tried to hear our side of the story. The B****h on the other hand was too busy telling all her other guy friends and that we pushed her, constantly pointing at us. Suki then said we'd better leave the club. Otherwise if this dispute cannot solve already, we might be brought to the balai polis. FCUK them.

After left the club, we were all so pissed off kau kau. We also found out we were law students kau kau. In the car, we were already dissing her and trying to find under what law we can charge her with, Battery! Assault! False Imprisonment! If we had already gotten our degrees she would get her ass kicked!

Terence(who was driving the car) brought us over to this mamak in Taipan called Ali something. Damn long name. But the chicken there is really really very nice!Tracy recommended the place and apparently and set meals there are very worth it. Its like 5.90 for nasi lemak+mango special, and in murni, one mango special alone already cost RM4. The only con is that this place is in Taipan and is quite confusing to get to, especially at night. Guys, lets go there again! I really wanna try the whole set ^_^

Reached home around nearly 3am. On another topic found something really funny on cheesie's blog Its all about hilarious vegetable poses. Check it out when you are super bored.

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